Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On The Precipice

Today we will find out if the house we put an offer on will be accepted by the seller. It's a 2003 home that is a little distressed. But it is in a nice neighborhood with plenty of room for our family. It has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, plus a loft. It has 1,960 square feet of living space and a 700 sq ft basement.

I love the covered front porch and tile roof.

It has a double sided gas fireplace. (The railing that's visible above is the loft.) 

I'm not sure what I would do with that see through area above the fireplace. My husband wants to frame and fill it and put the tv up there on the other side. I think that area is perfect for some kind of sculpture or flower arrangement.

It has a nice big kitchen with Maple cabinetry and a pantry. Laundry room is small, but at least it's not in the basement! 

No formal dining room, but there is a large space adjacent to the kitchen for our dining room table. My husband wants to rip the flooring and that half wall out and put in hardwood for a seamless flow.

The loft is bright and cheery and overlooks the entrance and front room and has built in storage. 
Down the hall are the bedrooms and bathrooms.

It also has an unfinished basement for storage and/or finishing.

The previous occupants did not take very good care of the home and it is in need of a thorough cleaning and a little fixing here and there. 

The window blinds are covered in grime and even though the carpeting was steam cleaned (and still damp when we viewed it the other day), if we got it, I'd have it professionally cleaned again! :) 
The interior of the home has a prevailing marijuana smell, so I don't know how that would be remedied. Maybe an enzyme product sprayed around.

But all of the things wrong with it are things that we can remedy ourselves over time. 

The yard is good sized, although it looks larger in the photo than in real life. I'm amazed at how the wide angle camera lenses can distort a photo and make the space appear MUCH larger than is true to life.  In the photo below, it almost looks like the yard alone is a quarter acre. 

But when we got there it is an average sized yard. The whole property is .21 acres, so that gives you an idea how big the yard is. 

But still, it is big enough for us!  :) And it overlooks a wide open field with a few cattle. Very peaceful.

We think it would be a fabulous yard for our family. Just big enough to play some Croquet, plant some flowers and a garden.

And enjoy the sunsets on the big patio.  
(The pergola is also in need of repainting and sealing.)
The view from the kitchen window would be so nice.

The exterior paint on the garage door is in really rough shape. 
Worse than the photo shows. 

It's hard to see in the photo, but the front door paint is also badly in need of paint. 
But these are easy fixes that I'd actually enjoy painting myself.  
My guess is that the builder didn't use quality paint when this home was being built. 

It is a lovely house that we would enjoy calling our home. 
But we are prepared that if this house is not what the Lord has for us, we will still say, "blessed be the name of the Lord." 

He is still greatly to be praised. 

Our situation grows more urgent with each passing day. 

We are relying on and trusting in the Lord to provide a way where there seems to be no way. 

We have 33 days to be out of the home we are in now. 

Thirty-three days to buy a home, close, and move in! Or perhaps find another rental home. Or liquidate as many of our belongings as possible, place the rest in storage, buy a travel trailer on Craigslist and live in that over the summer until we find a home. That would be the most drastic option. But at least we would own it and not throw money away on rent. 

However this turns out, we are trusting in God's provision and love for us. 

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