Friday, May 29, 2015

We Got It!

After 3 harrowing weeks on this real estate roller coaster ride, we finally went under contract last night on the house I showed in my last post. I'm so thankful for the Lord's grace toward our family.

This last week has been stressful. The house needs work and isn't as nice in person as it looked in the photos. But we are hoping we can fix it up ourselves.

Sooooo many houses we have toured have had such tiny square footage and odd layouts. Some have had multiple levels, ugly yards and other features that we found just undesirable. We weren't trying to be picky, but really, I guess we're kind of picky. Buying a house is so huge. We just want to make the right choice without too much  compromise. 

Our agent said that most homes only have about 85% of what a buyer is looking for in a home. And we were fine with that. But the majority of the homes we were seeing had a much lower ratio —  somewhere around 65%.  Probably due to the housing price boom in our area. Our price bracket meant we were looking at homes too small, in less desirable locations, and almost all of them had some sort of major deficit on things that are very important to us.

It was like showing up late to a buffet and trying to fill our plate from slim pickin's after the good stuff was already taken. And that scenario only represents the decent homes in our price range. 

There have been plenty of homes that were so bad they were a whole other scenario. :-) With those it was like coming to a garage sale and trying to pick through someone's dirty laundry. Hmm, should we pay top dollar for this crusty sock or these moldy drawers? Decisions, decisions. 

It was amazing to see how many people will completely wreak havoc on the home they live in and then just put it up for sale. Truly unbelievable. How can someone trash up their own dwelling and then put it up for sale in that condition? It's like they are saying, "Here you go. YOU clean up our mess. You'll get the house, the scum, the dirt and the whole broken down ball of wax all for one amazingly high price!"

That is a seller's market. 

And I recommend it to no one! Had it not been for the problem we encountered with that new property management forcing us to lease again or move, we definitely would have waited till autumn or winter to buy. 

But God knew what he was doing. And he has ways of closing and opening certain doors to help us and guide us on the path he would have us to go. 

So as our journey progressed, we kept looking at houses and praying. And then praying some more. Every good house was being swept out from under our feet by higher bidders. 

We just couldn't compete. It was looking like we were going to have to get a not so great house or be homeless.

Then along came this house.

We put in an offer on Saturday, May 23rd. It's a long story. But the seller put us through FIVE days of nonsense and stalling before he finally accepted our offer.  

So not only did we get the house for $18,000 under list price (which was already $15,000 lower than comparable homes. AND we did it in a seller's market! No, we didn't do it - the LORD did it. Truly he is our shield and strong tower and he knows those whose hearts are trusting in him. 

Once we put some sweat into bringing it to it's full potential, it will immediately be worth $34,000 more than we paid for it. 

Praise the Lord!  Only HE could do such a thing for us. And just in the nick of time!

As it turns out, we'll be able to put all new flooring in before we move in as well.

The next three weeks will be spent on home inspections and the process of escrow and closing. And then the big moving day. The house is about 9 miles from where we live now so it won't be too long of a haul. 

Thank you dear readers for taking time out of your busy days to pray for me and my family! As the Lord leads, I would appreciate your prayers for us to have a peaceful closing and moving experience. 

May God bless you!


Courtney said...

Congratulations homeowner!!!!! I also read the post before this one and YES to hardwood floors (that tile is awful) and removing the half wall! Those are the right decisions for that space. Please show pictures in the future of how you have it decorated! The shelving unit in the loft is awesome! That will be such fun to decorate! Congrats again! It's a lovely home!

Linda said...

I am so happy for you. I will continue to pray that all goes well for you.

Alyson said...

Beautiful home! Congratulations!!