Thursday, July 16, 2015

Almost Home

Hello dear readers :)

It's been a long and winding road, but we are finally almost home! We found a house and closed the deal on July 9th. We're homeowners again! This is the third home we have owned in our family.

But we have been staying with dear friends for the past 2 weeks because we had to be out of our rental house by June 30th. Words don't describe how grateful we are to them for sheltering us during our homeless period.

We had to put all of our belongings into a storage unit. Minus several items we sold and donated.

But moving day is fast approaching! We will be moving in this Saturday. Just two more days! But because the house needs some repairs, cleaning and new carpet, we're waiting until the new carpet's in before we begin living there. So we'll continue staying with our friends until this Monday or Tuesday and then we'll really move into our new home. And with beautiful new carpet! :) What a blessing that will be. Another blessing is that our new home is only a couple of miles from our old home, which means we get to stay in generally the same neighborhood and shopping area.  SO happy about that!

As I learned in every other trial and hardship, God has been faithful and true and he is taking care of us. Staying with friends is a balancing act. How much to be around and how much to leave them undisturbed. We have tried to strike a balance but it's still tough to do. We treasure these dear friends and thank God for them daily.

Thank you for your prayers for us. I'll update as I'm able to. Have a blessed day in Christ!


April said...

So happy for you! Sounds like we've been in a similar walk. We moved but had to stay in a hotel for three weeks before we got into a home because we moved to a different state. My faith was tested a lot in this time as many struggles and hurdles were overcome.

April said...

I should add though that as always God provided and blessed us as he always does. I shout praise to him!!!!!

Janel said...

How exciting! I can't wait until you can share some pictures of how you decorate your new home! God Bless you and your family today, tomorrow and forever <3 Janel in NJ

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thank you Janel, God bless you, too!!
April, I can relate! We have also had to stay in hotels when we moved to different states and it was such a trying time! Both times we had to stay 2 months before we found a home to move into. If we ever relocate again, I want to get a short term rental home lined up and ready to move into and avoid hotels. :)

We got all our stuff moved in today! If all goes as planned, we'll be in sleeping in our own beds in about 3 days!! :) Praise God!

Linda said...

I am so very happy that things are going better for you.
I'm sure you will be very busy for a while.