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How to Make Your Bath a Spa

I've never been to a spa, because I have so many other ways I would rather spend that money and time.  But that doesn't mean I can't have a spa experience.  I just create my own, right at home.

The first thing to do in an at-home spa is soak in a hot bath. To improve the stress-relieving benefits of a hot soak, I always add some epsom salts. You can buy a large container at Sam's Club for around $6.  You can get fancy and add baking soda, essential oils and dried herbs and flowers. Or you can just dump a cup or two into the bath and call it good. I do this most of the time. 

Epsom salts alone will draw out toxins and heavy metals from the body. Studies have shown those who soaked in epsom salts (magnesium sulfates) have higher magnesium levels after their baths. Magnesium is a mineral that women are often deficient in during that "time of the month".

I love bubbles in the bath, but the commercial kind are filled with chemicals so I skip it. Regardless of what yo…