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Women Mentors

I've been thinking about how important it is for women (and men, too, for that matter) to have mentors. I think that's why blogging has taken off the way it has. It gives women the opportunity to peek into another like-minded mom's life. In an artificial sort of way, we gain insight, new ideas, encouragement and the opinions of moms like us.  This is especially important for those moms who have no other women in their lives with similar lifestyles, convictions and beliefs. In the past, most women led pretty similar lives with extended families often living close by.  And nieghbors were a natural source of support and help.  Now, families are typically scattered, broken or estranged and it's very difficult to find the help and support we need. Enter blogs. :) But not just any blog. Only the most helpful ones are of value. Those that teach me something new, encourage me in my goal as wife and mother and instruct me on effeciently keeping my home are the ones that

Good Health Begins With Digestion

It's been a long, slow climb toward health but I am determined to get there.  I have been working out using The Firm with weights three times a week and Walk Aerobics three times a week, with one day off for most of 2011.  And while I know the exercise is doing me good, I am not seeing much of a change in body size which is frustrating.  I think the Lord answered my prayers when he pointed me toward my gallbladder.  I posted yesterday about gallbladders and living without them.  Up until that point, it had not occurred to me that sluggish digestion due to having no gallbladder could be at the crux of my wieght and digestion problems. Even if someone whose gallbladder is in tact is having problems with their health, it would stand to reason that the problem is going to originate somewhere in the digestive process.  Getting our organs running smoothly, with or without a gallbladder, is the first order of business for good health.  Once that is functioning properly, I think g

Living Without A Gallbladder

Years ago, I naively had my gallbladder removed after being told it was all that could be done.  Did you know that 20 million Americans have gallstones, and 750,000 of them have their gallbladders removed each year? And apparently it's big business.  About $2 billion is spent annually on gallbladder problems. Of course, at the time of my gallbladder trouble, I had no idea that there were alternatives to curing this problem.  I was ignorant about the whole matter and found out too late.  How I wish I could have my little gallbladder back.  And shame on those doctors who routinely tell their patients that the gallbladder isn't really "necessary".   Doctors never discuss the after-effects of gallbladder surgery except to say that we'll be all well afterwards. But it doesn't take long to feel very betrayed  and unprepared for "life without a gallbladder." Contrary to medical opinion the gallbladder is of use to the body. The gallbladder is a small s

Apologetics - Hurtful or Helpful?

Many homeschool moms are using Christian apologetics curricullum for their children. And although I'm all for teaching creation science, I've always felt there's something not quite right about apologetics.  Not to mention the very word, "apologetics".  Sounds like "apologize". And apologizing for faith in Jesus Christ is something I will never do. Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. An article called The Problem with Apologetics  is a good example to why practicing apologetics is not only unnecessary but dangerous.  If you took the time to read that link, it's pretty sobering isn't it? The whole point of apologetics is to  prove God to a rebellious mind.  But think about it in another context.  Nobody walks into an art museum and publicly declares that the paintings evolved right onto the walls. Paintings

Are Public Libraries a Safe Place?

Take Heed What You Read As mother and guardian to the precious souls the Lord has entrusted to me, I am unashamedly  vigilant in the material my children "feed" upon.  What food is to the body, books are to the spirit.  There are so many "bad eggs" when it comes to much literary work, be it new and "exciting" or old and "classic".  Bad is bad no matter what labels it bears or what year it hails from.  Nonfiction, true stories that give glory to God are actually much more exciting than any fiction novel I have ever read hands down .  Better to read to learn than simply be entertained. We are living in a world of walking corpses who seek to fulfill the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. They are addicted to entertainment and tickling their flesh. In small measures, entertainment is a needful part of life. We must all refresh, revitalize, laugh and play.  But let our book reading glofify God, edify the Spirit and instruct the soul. 2C

Why I read the Authorized King James Bible

God is unchangeable . God's Word is unchangeable too. In Matthew 24:35, the Lord Jesus said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Why then are we so ready to accept changes to God's word in the form of different Bible versions?   The Authorized King James text has faithfully served the body of Christ for almost 400 years. During this time, and during its translation, Satan has viciously and relentlessly attacked it. I now hear Christians attacking it too!   Many people say things like, "it's too hard to read" or "it doesn't properly reflect the true meaning of the original Greek". The issue about the original Greek is an aggravating point--which Greek? There are myriads of Greek manuscripts, including the corrupted manuscripts that the Roman Catholic religion uses. The unkind remarks and attacks against the utter reliability of the text are unfounded.   The Bible is a supernatural book authored by

How to Make an Herbal Poultice

Herbal Poultices are my favorite way to treat injuries.  They work really well and are all natural.  Last year my older son sprained his ankle for the first time in his life (at 14 yrs. old) and was very worried he'd be laid up for a long time (as he's seen me laid up for a long time after a sprained ankle -before I knew about poultices).  Luckily at the time of his sprain I already had some dried herbs on hand so I was ready to test out the poultices I'd been studying about.  I made a poultice of mullein, slippery elm bark, comfrey and plaintain and placed the poultice on his ankle overnight. Over the next couple of days, I repeated the process with new poultices along with R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression and elevation). To our total delight, he was up and around on day two and walking normally within a few days.  Even though the pain and swelling had gone, I still had him take it easy for a couple weeks to allow for a total healing.  What a HUGE difference from

Homemade Deodorant

It's been reported that whatever we put on our skin (the largest 'organ' of the body) absorbs into the body the same as if we ate it.  So it makes sense to use natural products that are "edible" on our skin as much as we can.  Skin that has been freshly shaven is particularly vulnerable to asorbtion, and when it comes to the chemicals in deodorant this is a big concern.  Aluminium is used in commercial antiperspirants to force the sweat glands to close - an unhealthy and unnatural action.  Research shows aluminium is linked to Alzheimer's disease.  While most of us don't want to risk our health if we can help it, we also don't want to stink!  But there IS a healthy alternative that actually works and it's as easy as it is effective.  And I must say, it works better than the store bought stuff only without ANY of the health risks.  Score!  :)  HOMEMADE DEODORANT RECIPE: Baking Soda (for odor) Corn Starch (for dryness) Virgin Coco

Run the Day or The Day Runs You

Do you find yourself chasing after your day as if you were a helpless bystander at it's mercy?  Or does planning and organization come naturally to you?  I prefer a balance between the two.  Even the best laid plans are subject to interruptions, so being prepared for them is wise.  Of course, our husbands and children should never be made to feel like "interruptions" in our plans so no matter how you run your day, always welcome their company warmly and gratefully.  There are however, unfruitful distractions that can lead you down a path of idle or wasted time. Use a timer if necessary. Planning for a nice coffee or tea break in your day helps keep you happily productive during  your work.  I know that is an important part for me because I tend toward the energizer-bunny-kind-of-gal and have a hard time finding the "off" button. So for me, it's important to make time for a break so that by the end of the day I have enough energy reserved to enjoy the e