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Family Begins with Marriage

There are a lot of couples who say that they "became a family" when their first child was born (or adopted). They will use phrases such as, "we are trying to start a family". But ladies, the fact is that your family started the day you wed your husband.

A husband and wife, by themselves, constitute a family. You were two, now you're one. ONE. It doesn't get any closer to that. In fact God places more unity, more familial bonds and more importance on the unity of a man and his wife (singular) than any other relationship including parenting relationships. Because children are passing through. They are a part of your family. But their arrival does not create a family. This fable is actually a notion perpetuated by the media. Talking heads. The power of the tongue, the printed news and the "experts" who elevate themselves above God's holy word.
Genesis 2:24 - Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and…

Summer Garden

I get so excited every morning I look out the back door and see my garden growing.

I think we might actually have a harvest this year. Originally, I had started my seedlings indoors in April. And a day or two after I transplanted them in early June, we got a unexpected hail storm.

This thing took us all by surprise on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was the loudest storm we'd ever heard! We had to yell to one another to be heard over the noise pounding on the roof. (Which now has to be replaced.)  The balls were one inch in diameter and they demolished my newly planted seedlings. :-(  This is a shot of my son holding one of the hail balls.

My flower pots in the background were covered in "white" when the storm was over and I went and scooped as many out as possible, which must have helped because they survived.

A few days later, I bought some replacement veggie plants from Home Depot and I was delighted to find that they had heirloom plants! I got tomato, basil, rosemary, to…

Random Things About Me

I drink coffee but I sometimes think I shouldn't. I worry about the calcium it might be leaching from my bones. But, alas, coffee I love. Black or with a dab of whole milk. Or mocha-fied. Iced or hot. But never with "cream and sugar". Yuck. To me, if you put sugar in your coffee, you don't like coffee. I believe in getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I'm usually sleeping by 10pm and up around 6am. If I could choose one era in time to live in for life, I'd choose 1950. I love crafts. I have craft supplies for beading, scrapbooking, painting, wood crafts, knitting and sewing crafts. My problem is that I rarely make the time to do any crafts! Thinking about hosting a crafting party soon.I used to be painfully shy. But I decided in my late teens - early twenties to try and be more outgoing. Still, I have to "force myself" to engage in conversations with others. I'd much rather  be a wall flower. I dream of living on Vashon island in the Pacific No…

Extra Time Today

It's going to be a hot day today - mid 90's! - and my husband and sons will be splashing and playing at a humongous water park for some guy time.  Which means that I have the house to myself! :-)

And I have big plans to get organized. Last night I printed out a new master grocery list and pantry staples list. I found great free printables at They are editable so I was able to remove items I don't buy like diapers, dog food, and add in some items that weren't listed like printer paper and herb capsules. They even alphabetize their lists! Love that!

Next, I made a list of my family's all time favorite dinners and divided them into Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. So I will be using the master meals list along with the master grocery list to plan out some meals and a shopping list.

I think the biggest homemaking hurdle for me is meal planning. Everyone's lives really revolve around food. For the wealthy it's just a matter of persona…

Resist the Devil and He Will Flee

Did you know that Satan is not everywhere? I've been studying my King James Bible about resisting the devil and one thing that is important to note is that neither the devil nor his helpers are omnipresent. Satan is a single, created being with limited abilities and limited power, as are his devils/fallen angels.

Therefore, Satan cannot be in your living room and on the plains of Africa at the same moment.  It's odd that many people speak of him as though he were everywhere, when the truth is that only God is everywhere (omnipresent). He may have his servants all over the place, but they are all only single beings, too.

According to the Bible, an angel is a "messenger".  The Bible indicates that angels are all over and they are watching us, both the good ones and bad ones. And while the devil and his angels cannot read your mind, they CAN hear what you say and see what you do.

They can hear you pray out loud in faith and praise to God, as well as hear you yell at yo…

Take Your Vitamins

I recently ordered the CD, DVD and book of Dead Doctors Don't Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach and I am learning so much! If you've never heard of him (I hadn't until now) he is a beacon of light for anyone who is plagued by health problems.  He began his career as a Veterinarian which gave him the idea that if diet and minerals could cure a host of animal disorders, the same would be true for humans.

For example, he found that adding the trace element Selenium to the diet of animal infants nearly eliminated sudden infant death syndrome among them. When comparing the rate for human infants, SIDS was prevalent among formula fed babies. Guess what mineral is absent in most formulas? He also found that Selenium was imperative for the prevention of hemorrhaging aneurisms.  The young athletes in the news dropping dead from heart failure could have been prevented with a simple dose of selenium.

His observations as a Vet led to the conclusion that we all need 90 essential minerals, vitami…