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Host A Game Night

In my family, we love playing all kinds of games. From board and card games to made up games and charades.  Games are such a great way to connect as a family and they are amazingly educational, too.  Kids (and adults!) learn so many thing from games. 

To name just a few:

Waiting their turn promotes patienceSequential conceptsinstant results from decisions madesensory perceptionsocial developmentdealing with limits promotes self-control

When children engage with others in a game, they have to learn that even in the excitement and intensity of a close match, they still have to submit to the limits and boundaries of rules and regulations. An important life lesson!  When kids develop a sense of fair play early on, they end up "way of ahead of the game".  ha :) 

The other night we invited three families over to our home for an evening of games and dessert and it was so much fun, we are hoping to do it regularly.  

I made two pies and a pot of coffee and then set out pretty Christmas p…

Weeds That Feed

I am constantly amazed at what God has provided to the 'simple'.  He has literally surrounded us by healing plants and herbs.  I've travelled the United States extensively and I've spotted wild growing herbs like Plantain, Mullein and Dandelion all over the place. Just those three little herbs represent amazing healing power.  

Natural remedies may take a little longer than our instant drive-through generation can tolerate, but I would rather let my body heal well, than injure my liver and only mask illness.  Which is all what pharma-chemicals do.  Nevertheless, I've noticed that those who use herbs and natural remedies are looked on as simpletons. 

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.  James 3:17
Even still, the fact remains that more people are sick, diseased and dying than ever before and unfortunately, among the causes are modern &…