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Have you ever been in the company of a woman who seems to bemoan her circumstances?  It's a drag isn't it?  I have noticed women these days in supermarkets, department stores, salons and so forth, talking about what they're sick of or hate or can't stand. Their speech is met with knowing nods of approval and reverberated by their listener. Not only is this a very unbecoming and unladylike manner of speech, but worse than that, it is ungodly and foolish. 

I believe that soft, content, godly women are becoming rarer to find. The generation of women today are brazen, unladylike and spikey haired with razor tongues to match. 

Godly femininity is soft.  As woman seeking after God, let our contentment spring up from a heart of gratitude.  This doesn't mean we can't share a sorrow with a trusted friend, or pretend that we're thrilled when we might be genuinely sad about something.  But rather, when a woman's heart is thankful for the Lord' provision for he…

Feed a Cold

This morning my oldest woke up feeling poorly, and his symptoms indicate some bronchial trouble.  When someone in our family gets sick, I relegate them to their bed so their germs stay confined to one area instead of all over the house infecting every member. I also wiped all the doorknobs this morning with a clorox cleaning wipe (followed by drying them with a paper towel). An easy but effective measure to take to prevent the spread of germs.

To start with I gave him some fresh orange juice and some hot chamomile & thyme tea. Thyme has properties that break up mucus so if you have some in your cupboard, remember it if you're ever dealing with bronchial or upper respiratory issues! :)

For his breakfast, I made him scrambled omega-3 eggs (cooked in a little grapeseed oil), whole grain toast drizzled with with agave, and an applesauce cup w/ cinnamon. Cinnamon is wonderful at fighting off infection so adding this to as many foods and drinks as possible is an excellent treatment…