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What is a Keeper At Home?

The Holy Bible refers to a woman being a "keeper at home".  I believe that doesn't only refer to "housekeeping".  It entails acting as guardians of our husband's house, his affairs and his children. I am a guarder to all my husband has entrusted to me. 

My focus each day is in keeping my home for my husband, and maintaining a haven of order, joy and tranquility that my family can thrive in. As woman, I am aware that I set the tone in the house.  That is why it is SO important that my tone is joyful and thankful. 

Titus chapter two gives women an outline of 8 basic duties.

1. to be sober, (moderate, controlled)
2. to love our husbands
3. to love our children
4. to be discreet

5. to be chaste
6 to be keepers at home
7. to be good
8. to be obedient to their own husbands

This list is very simple, isn't it?  Each one makes perfect sense. But God also has another very important reason for them: that the word of God be not blasphemed.  I think it's safe to con…

Is Fluoride Good For You?

“If you repeat a lie big enough, loud enough and long enough, people will eventually come to believe it. -Joseph Goebbels

How many things do we believe are true just because someone said so?  Just because of a report on the news or a prominent figure said it?   For years I was ignorant about fluoride.  It was just something put in our toothpaste and said to be good for you. My pediatrician prescribed it in pills to my innocent little child when she was 4 years old because he said the water didn't have any.  Know what?  I later found out the water DID have fluoride.  That was the last time I blindly believed an "authority" again.  Do your research and find out all you can when it comes to propoganda.  And, aside from evolution, I think fluoride must be one of the biggest propoganda lies of them all.

If you are for or neutral about fluoride, think about this: if fluoride is a truly valuable substance, why does 99% go down the drain? Some Interesting Facts about Fluoride

1)  9…

More Than Just Antiques

For thousands of years people had knowledge of foods and herbs.   A good woman's worth was tangible. She was an asset to her husband, and he was richer for having her.  She could cook from scratch, weave, or knit or sew up clothing and curtains, doctor up a wound, use healing herbs, plow a garden, grow vegetables, butcher meat, churn butter, bake bread, make cheese, and preserve food through drying, smoking, canning and fermenting.  I'm sure that my list is short compared to all the other things she could do.  It is truly shameful that these wonderful things stopped being passed down from one generation to another.  Modern life came and interrupted.  Grandmas knowledge became "cute" and "quaint".  
But today everywhere we look, people can be seen gazing and tapping into cell phones, gawking at video games, staring at televisions and transfixed by computers.  This country has developed into a nation dependent on electric and battery powered gadgets.  But con…

Get Knowledge

As a homeschooling mom, I am constantly reminded of teaching my children the things they need to know.  And while it is good to teach them math, grammar, science, history and other acedemics, I believe it is equally important for them to know how to live well.

Living well involves good health.  But if you're like me, you've noticed there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there and it can be difficult to navigate.  I know I have felt this way many times.  There are doctor shows on tv and health magazines galore passing out all kinds of information.

Old joke: Do you know what they call a doctor who graduated last in his class? A doctor! 
Fact: Doctors can be very helpful people, but they are just that - people. Like you and me. And they are not even close to being as interested or concerned with your family's health as YOU are.  I believe it is unwise to put them in charge of your health. 

Fact: The basis for all knowledge, begins with the word of God, the Bi…