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So Much Ter Be Done

I have been too busy to blog much lately. There have been so many different areas that need my attention and concentration — and that is life. :)

I am enjoying the life that God has given me - whether things are going great or poorly. I'm alive and that is worth rejoicing about. I hope you, my cyber friends, are enjoying the life that God has given to you.

We must be careful not to put our wants, likes, and desires as our main focus. We'll always see areas of our life that don't match some or all of our desires and dreams. The world promotes the idea of living for your dreams, shooting for your dreams, you should be happy, you deserve the best, etc., etc., etc. And there's nothing wrong with having goals and plans and pray God will bless us. But the treasure of my heart is not here on earth and never will be.  It's with the Lord:
Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up f…

Choices and Being Perfect

Today will be filled with choices. Choices can become tiresome and sometimes I wish I didn't have to make SO many choices. What to fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. Choosing how to spend free time. There are many delicate areas of life where choices can feel excruciating to make. But still, they must be made. We're never free from choices. They are relentless.

The choice of what to say and not to say and what to do and not to do are what really count. We can't count our good intentions. If someone meant to say thank you or meant to send a birthday card, or meant to help you with something ... or or or ... we all know that it is only what is done that matters.  Only what actually transpires. 
A lot of trouble begins from wanting to control other people and circumstances going on around us or in the world at large. But we typically don't want to control the one thing we can control, and that is ourselves. But God calls us to do just that.

Phil 4:5 Let…

Robin Williams

The famous actor, Robin Williams has died. It is sad when anyone dies, I think. We always wonder what their last moments were like here on earth and what their first moments are like in the hereafter.

I read that Steve Jobs' last words were, "Oh, wow. Oh, wow!" Makes you wonder.

Some die tragically, some heroically. But Robin Williams' death will never be thought of in positive terms. He chose to cast a dark shadow over it. However, he is being hailed beloved, talented and even genius. One person said, "As funny as he was, he's truly one of the all-time greats, he was even better as a person. He was even more fantastic. One of the loveliest, sweetest, kindest guys I've ever worked with. ... It's a major, major loss for everybody."

Those are all very nice things to say about anyone. 

But on August 11th, he added one trait that no one seems to be willing to admit to: murderer.  Suicide is self murder.  Premeditated, ugly, horrifying, merciless murd…