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I urge you to please watch Overruled. It is perhaps one of the most important issues we are facing today in the world - a parent's God given right to raise their children the way they see fit is being threatened from every side. 

It is a frightening thought that there are political forces at work to steal our children away and overrule the decisions we make for them as their parents. 

Watch the movie and support  Please pray that God would hear our cries and protect our parental freedoms and rights!

Why I'm No Longer a Vegetarian

When I was little, I saw some funny looking stringy, dark things in the chicken leg on my dinner plate.  I asked my daddy if they were veins and he made some kind of joke and gave me  a vague answer.  But I knew they had to be veins...and boy was that gross!  :-)

Years later, as an adult, I started avoiding eating meat. I ate it only on rare occasions and thought I was much more sophisticated and wise than those around me (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

To boost my inclination, I found the media saturated with anti-meat-ites as well as many books purporting the same. These people glorified animals to a level almost equal to  that of humans.  Naturally the humane treatment of animals is important to God and he will hold accountable anyone who mistreats an animal. 
Proverbs 12:10
A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

Psalms 50:10-11 For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. I know all…

Recognizing the Season We're In

It would be pretty vexing to wish for snow in the summer or plant veggies in the winter.  Wanting something we do not have...the Bible calls it coveting, and it's a sin. 

The Lord gave us four wonderful, earthly seasons. I love them all!  He also gave us different seasons of life. When we try to live in a season outside of His design, we are inviting trouble.  But when we walk wisely, and recognize the season we are in, we can really save ourselves a lot of grief.

Longing to do things that our current circumstances don't really allow for can cause us to be unfruitful and can even lead to depression.  Depression is terrible because it is like living in chains.  Some of the most miserable and unuseful people I've ever met are wallowing in depression. It must be a truly horrible state of mind and women can be quite prone to it. 

But in the Word of God, we find so many ways to combat these foes.  When the Bible is read by someone full of faith, it produces the fear of the Lord…

The Cayenne Miracle

Have you heard about cayenne? Did you know that it is not just a hot spice in your kitchen but a powerful, life saving medical remedy?

After reading this article, I hope you will put Cayenne pepper on your shopping list and then start learning how to use it. You never know when it could mean the difference between life and death. If I had known about cayenne years ago, I could have helped a loved one whose brain was hemorrhaging right before my eyes.

This is a very informative article.

Another interesting resource is a book I just finished reading, by Dick Quinn called "Left For Dead". In it he documents his own true and amazing story of how after having a heart attack, an angioplasty and a double bypass surgery, his doctors could do nothing more for him and essentially they left him "for dead".

After becoming desperately weak and on the verge of death, he remembered someone he met who had urged him to take cayenne.  He figured her suggestion to be quackery but…

Fabric Softeners and Hazardous Waste

I absolutely love the smell and feel that Fabric Softeners give to my laundry.  I've alsways found the scents luxurious and comforting.  But until recently, I did not realize that the chemicals which make up both liquid and dry fabric softening products are toxic. 

The ingredients of these products cause illness including cancer and brain damage.  The young and the very old are naturally the most susceptable to these dangers.  Take a look at some of the ingredients and their related toxicities:
Ethyl Acetate: A narcotic on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) hazardous waste list Camphor: central nervous system disorders Benzyl acetate: pancreatic cancer Benzyl Alcohol: Irratates the upper respiratory tract Ethanol: central nervous system disorders; Listed as hazardous waste by the  EPA   A-Terpineol: respiratory problems, fatal edema, & central nervous system damage Chloroform: Neurotoxic, anesthetic and carcinogenic Linalool: A narcotic that causes centr…

Why Homeschool?

When my parents decided in the 1970s to homeschool me and my siblings, homeschooling was illegal in every state.  I am glad that their concern for us and our well being was more important than the rules of man. 

Governments want our children. That's a fact.  Don't believe me?  Read "None Dare Call it Education". It will turn your stomach when you realize how dumb you've been.  Or rather, how dumb the government would like you to remain.  This is one issue where ignorance is definitely not bliss.  Get informed. Read up on this subject. Your children will never get another opportunity to have another childhood.  They are depending upon you to do right by them.

You'd have to live on a deserted island not to see the trash that the public schools are churning out of their programs.  And private schools don't churn out much better goods.  Contrary to what the Education Bureaus would like us to believe, the problem is not that they need more money because governm…

Should Christians Tithe?

When we, as Christian, look at an issue, our entire doctrine should be based not on what man says, but on what God says. And he gave us his words in the Bible.  Many churches preach tithing.  But what does God say? Should Christians tithe?
The fact is that not only are we not required to do it, but it’s sinful to tithe.

Why?  Tithing is old testament law. In Galatians chapter 5,  Paul said, “Whosoever of you are justified by the law are fallen from grace”.When a person goes back  to the law - to keep the law in any part as an obligation or a duty - he’s stepping away from grace.  It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lost, but he’s stepping away grace. He’s falling from his position in grace.

How does tithing cause a person to fall from their position in grace?

Let me ask you this: if you’re tithing and you don’t tithe, would you feel guilty?Would you feel like you’re cheating God or robbing God? (As the preacher said in Malachi 5).If you say, “Yes, I would”, then you are doing a work in or…