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Kid Chores

It's really important to give children chores and responsibilities to balance out the workload in the home they live in.  The chores we give them help them not only learn responsibility, but help prepare them to take care of a home of their own one day.

My children are responsible for the care and keeping of our pet cat.  They also help with the dishes, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and keeping their bedroom and bathroom clean.  In snowy weather, they shovel the walk of our home and our elderly neighbor's home.  In warm weather, they mow the lawn and weed the garden beds.

When we can afford to, we reward them monetarily for their efforts, especially when their attitudes are good. :)  If their attitudes need improvement, additional work usually takes care of that. 

What kinds of chores do you give your children? Please share. :)

Eve and Her Sisters

Genesis 3: 16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

The Lord in his sovereign justice, passed sentence upon the woman for her sin. She is condemned to two things: a state of sorrow, and a state of subjection.  These are very fitting punishments for her sin in which she gratified her pleasure and her pride.

Her state of sorrow was to be in bringing forth children.  Not only the pain of physical child birth, but also all the levels of grief and fear which we, as moms, are most apt to endure throughout our lives.  For no matter what happens - whether our children grow to old age or die young, we are prone to feeling deeply the calamities that inevitably come with bringing up children.  

The pain of child-bearing, which is great, comes of eating forbidden fruit. A woman's sorrows are said to be multiplied - greatly multiplied.  For the…

Iodine Deficiency - What You MUST Know

Over a hundred years ago, iodine was called the "Universal Medicine" and was used in may clinical conditions.  We've all heard of Iodine, but few of us know the facts concerning this essential little element. Like that most of us are woefully deficient.

Did you know that iodine is not only responsible for cellular differentiation but also for cellular death?  It's imperative for people who have cancer to have sufficient iodine levels in order to help reduce tumor growth. Tumors are immature cells that continue to grow because the mechanism for cellular death has failed. Iodine and vitamin D in combination assist or provide the mechanism for this action to occur.

Depression, brain damage, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and many other diseases are related to iodine deficiency. We are submerged in a world of toxins that are displacing the important functions that iodine makes possible.

Whether it's the fluoride dumped into municipal water supplies or the toxic …

Cultured and Probiotic Foods

We all get tummy aches now and again and like most folks, I used to reach for antacids to treat them. But about 6 years ago I discovered an all natural and safe product that was healthy and had no harmful side affects. You have probably already heard of it: probiotics.  The term probiotic is of greek origen and means "for life"

Probiotics are a digestive aid for all the foods you eat: proteins, carbs and fats. They help to break those foods down in the gut which in turn helps you eliminate them. After all, what goes in must come out, right?  But another star quality about probiotics is that they populate the gut with healthy flora and "good bacteria".  Those good bacteria need to outnumber the bad. 

Probiotic foods are simply cultured foods. These are foods that have been fermented when enzymes (beneficial bacteria) and yeasts are present. Fermenting food was a common preservation method before modern refrigeration.Rather than spoiling, these foods often improve wit…

Children's Capabilities and Our Expectations

It is important for us moms not to have our expactions of our children too low.  Some research done in Arizona reveals what many devoted and loving moms already know - that kids between the ages of 6 and 18 do about 12 percent of household chores, leaving 88 percent to the parents.

Naturally, we don't want our expectations of our children to be too low OR too high.  Having expectations too high can cause children to become frustrated and honestly feel they are not able to meet up to them.  Conversely, we also don't want to set expectations so low that they are easily met and don't present enough of a challenge for children to do their honest best. When you're working on some chore, ask yourself whether someone else could do it or help with doing it.  If you tend to underestimate your children's capabilities, pay attention to opportunities that will help keep your children challenged at their own level.  And don't forget to praise them.  An encouraging word goes a…