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Our ThanksGiving Day

I really love celebrating Thanksgiving Day. I have a thankful heart and this holiday is closest to the most God honoring holiday that exists.  We all have SO much to be thankful for! Did you know that the word "thanks" appears in the King James Bible exactly 500 times?  We should be thankful every day and not just on Thanksgiving.  But it's great to take a day just for thanking God, isn't it? Sticky Situation This year we decided to invite a couple of families from church to share Thanksgiving Dinner with us in our home, but neither family gave us a firm answer and it was going on 10 days since I'd asked them.  They may not have realized that leaving an invitation to a major holiday in the air for so long is actually very rude (and a bit insulting), but we needed to solidify our plans so I would know how much food to buy. Good Etiquette + Prayer = Blessings We prayed about it and just when I was going to call these two families to get a definite answer, so

Homeschool and Life

When my children were little, we were home most of the time.  We didn't know any other homeschoolers and we didn't belong to a homeschool group. I wanted to find one for the social needs of my oldest who is now grown and married, but I came up empty handed no matter how much I searched.  So she ended up missing out on some of the things I would have liked for her.  Like a keepers at home group for girls that so many homeschool groups are starting nowadays.  She would have loved that.  But since we didn't really have that opportunity, I tried to provide her with as much as I could myself.   My other children are boys and in their teens and they have a whole other need. Boys were not made to sit at home cooking, cleaning and knitting with mother.  God gave boys the desire to conquer. Their needs are opposite that of girls.  And once they pass puberty, it is a definite NEED for them to have some sort of life outside of mama's skirt.  I always chuckle quietly to myself wh

Clean for the Holidays

November is here! Are you getting ready for the holidays? Getting the house cleaned up before company arrives, or parties begin, can be a bit overwhelming, so I always try to start early making sure there is "a place for everything and everything is in its place".  A few tips: De-clutter before you clean.    Cleaning is a chore all by itself, but when there is tidying, pick up, and de-cluttering to do at the same time as dusting, scrubbing, and mopping, it can be overwhelming.  If that's the case, I think it's advantageous to  just  tidy, pick up, and de-clutter on one day and leave off cleaning till the next.  One day can just be "trash & tidy" day where you take time to put things up, throw out trash, tidy up corners, table tops, toy areas, shoes and clothing, newspapers, dishes, etc.  It can actually make you feel better when you SEE how nice everything looks.  Next Comes Cleaning  Save the cleaning for the next day and then  onl