Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bentonite Clay to the Rescue Again!

My husband and sons went camping over the last weekend. They usually go camping every summer, but this time they went  backpacking. This is when you load up your backpack with everything you need and hike in to a lake to camp and fish.  When they got home late Sunday night, they were all completely wiped out. They had hiked for many miles at over 13,000 feet altitude.  We live at 6,000 so it was twice what we're used to.

I sent them with a small first aid kit that contained Vinegar of the four thieves (bug bite prevention). My husband and 17 yo used it and got nary a bite. But my 15 yo forgot to use it and got about a dozen mosquito bites. When he woke up the next morning, I made a paste of distilled water and bentonite clay and applied some to every bite and covered with bandaids.

I discovered this trick last week when I woke up with a couple of little spider bites on my leg. I remembered reading how using bentonite clay paste would instantly take the itch and pain away, so I tried it. I was amazed how easy and fast this worked! I left the bandaids on a couple of days and when I took it off, the bite marks were gone!

I'm so thankful to God for bentonite clay!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Teaching My Own Kids How To Swim

When my children were younger, we were planning a vacation where we'd be swimming in the ocean, so we joined the YMCA and signed them up for swimming lessons.

We arrived for the first lesson and met the instructor. She was a girl of 18 or so and did not smile much. She impressed me as anxious and annoyed but I figured it was just first class jitters. Her "class" of several children sat at the pool's edge with their feet dangling in the water. There were far too many children for one person to effectively teach them all in the time frame given.

I soon understood why so many parents had their children in swimming classes for years, when I knew it didn't have to take that long. I learned how to swim in just one summer. We had an in-ground pool in our backyard when I was a kid and some of my happiest memories are diving into the crystal blue waters each hot summer morning. Bliss! My dad made sure we all learned how to swim when we moved into that house and taught us all. It was only a few weeks before we were bouncing fancy dives and canon bombs off the diving board.

So as I was standing and watching this swim instructor grab the children with a bit more force and hurry than called for, I anticipated my older son's turn. After some brief, distracted words she sent him off dog paddling. He sank like a rock. She got him up, as he gulped and gasped for air. This little scene repeated a few times and he was glad to return to the poolside and do some side kicking. I brushed off my growing concern chalked it up to a rough start.

Then it was my younger son's turn. He didn't have as much trouble keeping his head above water, but he was a little distracted by all the chaos around him. There were rows of "classes" all around, divided only by a string of bobbing buoys.

At one point, the swim instructor called his name (once) but he was gazing just over her shoulder at something that had captivated his attention. She did not hesitate to then use both hands to splash a large wave of water right into his face.  This was not a playful splash, it was disciplinary. And highly unprofessional and inappropriate. My little 8 year old now had his turn at gulping and gasping for air.

I immediately became angry. I have a glaring lack of understanding and tolerance for unprofessionalism. If you can't do your job professionally, then get a job where professionalism is not expected. Perhaps digging ditches. But don't take a job where a gracious disposition is called for.

As soon as we got home,  I told my husband how awful the class was and he agreed that we should just cancel their lessons and get a refund. I knew we could do better. Especially after my conversations with a few of the poolside moms that first day. All of their children had taken years of swimming lessons. Years!

One of the mothers said her kids had been taking swimming lessons for 6 years. But the worst part was that she said they still hadn't learned how to swim! Part of me felt a little sorry for them. But another part of me felt indignant. If they themselves knew how to swim, why not teach their own children? If they didn't know how to swim, they should've taken lessons themselves and then taught their own children.  I would like to see the the trend of turning to the "pro's" for nearly everything to go by the wayside. I understand if it's something you have no knowledge or means to teach, like horseback riding. But swimming? I think every parent that doesn't know how to swim ought to learn. And everyone that knows how to swim ought to teach their own children. It's really not difficult and its loads of fun.

I wasn't interested in my kids becoming Olympic athletes. I just wanted them to know how to handle themselves in the water and safely have fun. So I began taking them to the YMCA for 2-3 days per week and taught them to swim. On weekends, my husband and I both taught them, which was the most fun.

We taught them the front crawl, elementary backstroke, sidestroke and breast stroke. We taught the pool safety, blowing bubbles and diving for objects. They loved diving for the pool rings we bought in the water toy section at Walmart. I loved passing our new little swimmers from my husband back to me. First only a couple of feet away and gradually increasing the distance. We loved being able to encourage them and give them challenges mixed with parental love and safety.  We loved exchanging excited smiles with them and watching them beam over each new accomplishment.

We had a blast and they became great swimmers. They were ready for our vacation that September and we swam the California beaches together and had so much fun! And to think I'd almost given it up! If that initial swim instructor hadn't been so awful, I might have missed one of the most rewarding experiences of my parenting journey.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kick Your Depression

A lot of folks are on pharmaceutical drugs for one thing or another these days. And many more than we probably realize are on anti-depressants.  The problem with these drugs is that they really do more harm than good. Some even have suicidal thoughts listed as side affects! Taking pharma drugs is like taking the batteries out of a fire alarm that keeps ringing. Treats the symptom but not the cause. The thinking here is that at least you'll be nice and relaxed as your house burns down.

Get your hormones balanced

Depression is a byproduct of stress but it's also linked to nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Both of these are correctable with some pretty basic vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementations.  Taking herbs is not the same as taking medicine because herbs are a food. Granted some herbs can come mixed with something or made into a store bought herbal medicine.  But if you buy the herb in bulk, loose teas, powders or capsules, it is usually just the plain herb that's been dried, ground into a powder and put into a capsule.

You can get your own capsule making gadget at a health food store and make your own capsules. But it's usually easier for those just beginning in herbs to just buy the pre capsulated kinds.

People who are stressed tend to have a clogged liver. The liver is our filtering organ and when it's having trouble doing it's job, it can make us feel stressed and cranky.  But there are herbs that can not only help combat this problem, they can begin healing the cause.

The bulkherbstore.com has an herbal mix full of herbs that fight stress and depression and I think I'm going to get some to keep in my herb cupboard to have on hand for dealing with stress once in a while.

I listed each of the herbs below along with some of the main benefits they offer.

Depression fighting herbs:

Ginseng (levels out hormones)
Gingko (brain booster)
St. John's Wort (calm, focus)
Rose hip (high in Vitamin C, boosts immunity)
Lemongrass (calm)
Milk Thistle (helps purify the liver)
Lemon Grass (blood circulation)
Passion flower (aids body in dealing with stress)..
Eleuthero Root (improves memory, energy, lowers blood sugar)

*Some herbs are not safe during pregnancy so always do your research before taking any herb.

If you know someone who's dealing with stress or depression, now you can share the healthy ways to treat it.

Have a blessed day in Christ!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

While We're Waiting

Waiting can be so hard. You'd think since it's non-strenuous and inactive that it is would be relatively easy, but it's a challenge to wait.

God wants us to use our waiting time wisely. In The Count of Monte Christo, the main character did just that. He used the years he was in prison to learn everything he could from an old man. When his freedom finally came, he was well prepared.

Sometimes it is many years before we see the thing we are waiting for. Or like Abraham, we may never see what we are waiting for, this side of heaven.

Isn't it interesting to observe how different people spend their time while they're waiting at Doctor's offices? Some just sit and stare or hope to find a magazine to read and tv to watch. And then there are the people who actually come prepared for the wait. They bring their own book, or some knitting, a briefcase, etc.

There are times in all of our lives when we must wait on God. We want God to move or do something soon but it seems like he has forgotten about it. It takes too long. So we must wait on him. The Bible says that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. That verse has always intrigued me.  How can your strength be renewed simply by waiting on the Lord?

When you break it down to it's core, waiting involves a certain measure of resting. There are many instances in life where we have no choice but wait. Stop lights, shopping lines, ticket lines, doctor visits, children's activities (ballet, soccer, etc), the birth of a baby, someone having surgery.  We all  learn that waiting can be one of the hardest things to do. It seems to produce restlessness rather than rest.

But when we are prepared to wait productively, rather than passively, we can build up our strength. If I bring a book, journal, or handiwork with me wherever I go, I am prepared to wait productively. If I am in a situation where whipping out my book isn't really feasible, (e.g., standing in line at the grocery store) I can use that time to pray for the people around me.  If I am waiting at a stop light in the car, I can use that time to sing to the Lord.

I think when we're waiting on the Lord for something that we find particularly difficult to wait for, we can look at that wait time to find out what the Lord is trying to make us into. More than likely, the waiting has nothing to do with what we think and God wants to accomplish something in us. As we wait, we can grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord. And that makes us stronger.

Are you waiting on the Lord for something? I encourage you to ask the Lord how you can best redeem the time as you wait on him to bring about that thing that only he can do. Smile and take courage knowing that as you are busy doing what he wants you to do in the meantime, your strength will be renewed as you wait. And you'll be better prepared when the wait is over.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Respect - Square One for a Man

If someone were to ask your husband if his wife respects him, how do you think he'd answer? If you're not utterly sure that his answer would be "absolutely", then you've got your work cut out for you.

God created women to need love and He created men to need respect. He doesn't authorize us as wives to nag, instruct, advise or correct our husbands. You're not your man's mother, mentor or Holy Spirit. You are his wife. And if you're a woman professing godliness and you aren't consistently, daily treating your husband with the respect he needs (regardless of whether he deserves it) it's sin. Actually, it's blasphemy.

Titus 2:4  That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. 

Did you notice that 7 out of the 8 actions are actually state of being verbs?  We have to BE those things, not merely do them. Be them. To further highlight that concept, consider the opposing verbs:

OPPOSITE: frivolous, scatterbrained, foolish

OPPOSITE: hate, egocentric, self-absorbed

OPPOSITE: indiscreet, talkative, tactless

OPPOSITE: disgraceful, shameful, scandalous

OPPOSITE: not keeping home neat, clean, stocked; work outside home


OPPOSITE: disobedient

Being obedient is different that just obeying. The former is a state of mind/heart/will. The latter is but an occurrence.

It's a continuous battle for a man to prove himself outside the home. So when he comes home, he needs a haven of love, peace, calm, respect and support. It is the ONE place he has in this whole big, wide world where he can let go and relax. What a privilege we have to make our homes that haven for our husbands. We need to refrain from complaining. Be thankful for his presence and look for ways to endear him to us.

Consistency is key to so many things. Practice being consistent in what God calls you to do: to love our husband and children, and to BE sober, discreet, chaste, keepers of home, good and obedient  Every day. Every hour. Rather than trying to "do" them when you feel like it, practice being these quality.

Similarly, doctors, firefighters and police, even when they are off duty, feel the weight of their profession everywhere they go. Unlike a janitor, it is a high calling, not just a job. And very much "who they are".  Being a wife is not just a job, it's who you are. Forever one with the man you wed, the attributes listed in Titus 2 are your higher calling. They are not just duties, they are who you are.

Being your husband's help meet means that you are perfectly suited to meet his needs. When you respect him, you're meeting need #1. When you make love to him, you're meeting need #2. When you adore and care for his/your children and "keep" your home, you're meeting #3.

When we help meet our husband's basic needs, like a watered plant in a sunny window, he will grow and treat us and our children more lovingly. But even if he doesn't, our responsibility before God is unchanged. And God gives us grace to do whatever he asks.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and it's a great opportunity to show your husband that he is prized, cherished, treasured, highly loved and respected.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Creature

There are a lot of labels in our culture today, many of them are legitimate. But are labels more of a help or a hindrance?

Sometimes I think it can make us feel justified.  Suddenly a struggle with paying attention isn't a personal shortcoming that we can overcome, it's A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) A compulsion with germs and repetition isn't a bad habit born from unstable thinking, it's O.C.D. (Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder).

Some people even label alcoholism as a disease.  Of course it's not a disease, it is simply a sin. And sin is not a disease either. Drunkenness is a choice and it crosses the conscience. And it's born from lust (wanting something). Lust in itself is not sinful.

Deuteronomy 12:15 Notwithstanding thou mayest kill and eat flesh in all thy gates, whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given thee:the unclean and the clean may eat thereof, as of the roebuck, and as of the hart. Only ye shall not eat the blood; ye shall pour it upon the earth as water.

Lust simply means want or desire. In the above verse, God says they could kill and eat the meat of whatever they wanted to eat, whatever their souls lusted after - beef, chicken, deer. Similarly, today we'd say, whatever we crave or sounds yummy.  Sinful lust lies in lusting for something illicit.
 James 1:13 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.
I'm not opposed to the validity and prudence of proper diagnoses or the potential benefits that might come from them. But for a Christian, there is a label that supersedes all labels. In fact it dismisses every other label.

New Creature.
2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 
Galatians 6:15-16 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God. From henceforth let no man trouble me:for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

On calvary, their were two men on either side of Jesus where the only two labels that really exist were represented - sinner and saint. We continue to come up with more and more labels for various conditions through the years, but if God sees only two labels, then shouldn't we?

The saint was just a sinner who repented and believed on Christ and became a new creature. The other man was an unrepentant, unbelieving sinner and remained a sinner. And scripture clearly depicts that it was by the sinner's own choice to reject Christ Jesus, the Messiah.

The Lord Jesus Christ was in between them both — mediator, sinless, spotless lamb of God. He became sin, who knew no sin, that we might be called the righteousness of God.

So really, the only label that has any business being attached to the redeemed of God is New Creature. Old things have passed away.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Old things are passed away because I have passed away. I've been crucified with Christ and am seated with him on the right hand of the father. The life I live is not my own and in him I live, and move and have my being.

When we are born again and saved, we become a "new creature" with a new heart and new desires.  Old sinful lusts die and become repulsive and they are replaced with new holy desires to please God. It is a miracle. The redeemed have been given the power to overcome sin and yield to holy desires. We have the power to walk in newness of life. The more we read the Bible, the more we are "fed" and understand who God is and who we are IN him. Why are so many professing Christians walking around acting like they  are chained to something that God killed on the cross?

Such a mindset is simply a lie from the enemy (the devil). The just live (and walk) by faith, not by sight. So if your sight calls you something contradictory to what God calls you, it's a lie.

For Christians, every label other than New Creature should grow strangely dim in the light of his glorious face and our miraculous redemption. If you have been born again, you are a New Creature. Walk in it. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Clearing the Clutter

We're having a garage/yard sale today and hoping to get rid of lots of stuff we don't need anymore. It is a LOT of work to gather, categorize, price and display so much stuff. It's also difficult to part with some things that you wish you could keep but simply don't have room for. There's a whole box of stuff I kept back for selling on Amazon and a few baby books that I thought I'd tuck away into the kids' baby boxes.

I think whatever is left over from the sale we'll offer for free to friends before heading to the Good Will donation center.

It's been forecasted to thunderstorm this afternoon and all I can think about is having enough tarps to run and cover anything that is exposed on the driveway or yard.  It's been hailing all week here as big as nickels.  In some areas the hail was baseball sized and broke all the windshields on the cars in a new car lot!

Our weekend is looking to be nice and cozy though. I enjoy spending it with my family and doing things like this that we can all work on together. The kids always have fun being "cashiers" and salesmen. :)

Make it a blessed weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Family Friendly Viewing

When it comes to entertainment for our kids, there are a plethora of choices. I'd say that most American's lives revolve around some form of entertainment.  It's a difficult era we're living in with a strong undertow. But I don't want entertainment to take up any more room in our lives than it has to.

Interestingly, the word "entertain(ed)" is found only twice in the Bible - and it's in the same verse.
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.  - Hebrews 13:2  

Young children are very absorbent learners, particularly through imagery. Perhaps due to their limits of language, their visual sense is heightened?

It would follow that media - movies and television mostly - are tremendously influential.  When mine were under 5 years old, my goal was to minimize TV and movies as much as humanly possible.  As my kids have grown, my husband and I have constantly reviewed and adapted our viewing choices and searched for appropriate ones for their maturity and development.

Babysitting with TV

There were times when we used wholesome programming to babysit a toddler. But not very often. Whenever possible, I used a play pen for my babies and toddlers. That way they were safely contained while I showered, etc.  Along with patience, my kids learned to occupy themselves contentedly.

As my kids grew a little older, I tried to sit with them during any programs we did watch, and I regularly fast forwarded any parts I found inappropriate. We didn't watch the popular shows like Sesame Street. That one in particular I found to be absolutely laden with a politically correct agenda. We did like most of the Mister Roger's Neighborhood shows and several of the Saturday morning kids shows on TBN.

As they got too big for a playpen, I transferred the same idea to the floor. I set them up with something to do and we would practice quiet play times during the day. If you've never taught your kids how to be content and self-occupied, just start slowly and build up their skills in it. At first just make a goal for them to occupy themselves (blocks, crayons, legos, baby dolls, etc) for 5 minutes. Slowly build up to 10, then 20, then 30 and more if necessary. They will be learning a very valuable and important skill that will come in extremely handy in the future.

Husbands and TV

Many husbands like to watch tv when they get home from work so we can't always prevent unwanted exposure to TV viewing. But the evening represents only a small portion of a child's day. To combat that, a wife has a few options at her disposal.

1. Plan to have dinner ready when he gets home and enjoy your meal at the table.
2. Keep the tv off all day so the little bit in the evening won't represent too much.

Old Movies

My husband and I have always enjoyed good old movies, most of them black and white. So our kids have grown up with them. When our kids were younger, any romantic innuendoes went right over their heads. But as they grew older, we either monitored those sections by muting and/or skipping.  Or we just put them on the "when you're a little older" list.

Now that our children are in their mid and late teens and understand a wider range of concepts, we all enjoy them together and any unsavory portions are held up as the bad examples they are. (In older movies cigarette/cigar smoking Sometimes drinking, drunkenness, kissing outside of marriage are our most frequent objections. We still usually skip over these scenes because they're not appropriate at any age.

So without further ado, here is a list of some TV shows and movies we have enjoyed, categorized for the various ages and stages. If you have Netflix, you have some good documentaries and a wider array of family friendly options at your disposal.

Ages 0-5
Very informative science videos in humorous family settings.
  • Mister Rogers Neighborhood 
  • Veggie Tales (selected titles)
  • Gospel Bill, Davey & Goliath, Faithville, and others (TBN Saturday Mornings)
  • Documentaries (Beavers, for example)
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Milo & Otis (still one of my all time favorites)
  • Newtons Workshop (Moody Bible Series videos)
  • Fascinating IMAX documentary 
  • ML Baseball and NFL football games 
Ages 5-10
  • Moody Science Videos (set of 19)
  • Newton's Workshop Vidios
  • The Fox & the Hound
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Bambi
  • Fun & Fancy Free
  • Make Mine Music
  • Melody Time
  • Lambert the Sheepish Lion
  • The Swiss Family Robinson (skip kissing scenes)
  • Toy Story
  • The Tigger Movie
  • Heffalumps
  • Finding Nemo
  • Aristocats
  • Pollyanna
  • Lady & the Tramp
  • Old Yeller
  • The Yearling
  • Flicka (the original)

Ages 10 -14
  • Moody Science Videos (these are great for all ages)
  • Newton's Workshop (Moody)
  • I Love Lucy (selected episodes)
  • The Andy Griffith Show (only selected episodes)
  • The Donna Reed Show (wholesome family series - my absolute favorite!)
  • My Three Sons (Season 1 & 2, selected episodes)
  • Roy Rogers Westerns
  • Flicka (original 1940's version)
  • Original MGM Tom & Jerry cartoons
  • Wallace and Grommet
  • Lassie (original movie)
  • Lassie Come Home (Elizabeth Taylor)
  • Hills of Home (wonderful original Lassie movie)
  • Toy Story 1, 2 & 3
  • Planes
  • Cars 2
  • Flywheel (14 yrs)
  • Facing the Giants (14 yrs)
  • Davy Crockett
  • Runners From Ravenshead
  • Follow Me Boys (Fred MacMurray)
  • The Million Dollar Duck (Dean Jones)
  • The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit (Dean Jones)
  • The Ugly Dachshund (Dean Jones)
  • MGM Classic Tom & Jerry Cartoons
    (We introduced these around age 14
    which may seem late to some. But I
    didn't want the violence and snide
    humor influencing my children's
    character until they were more mature.)
  • The Spirit of St Louis (historical, James Stewart)
  • National Velvet (Mickey Rooney, Elizabether Taylor)
  • Donna Reed inspires me in homemaking
    as well as being a good wife and mother.  

14 -17 
At this age, entertainment choices get a little more tricky. We have tried to pay careful attention to what our kids could handle. And I used every opportunity I could without seeming overbearing to inject a little lesson here and there. 

These are silly and might not be everyone's cup of tea.
But we have found them mostly wholesome, hilarious
 family entertainment. "Come 'an Get It!" (tag line from Ma). 
Westens are sometimes violent (old-movie-style) but boys love them.
They usually carry some a strong moral message.
  • Ma & Pa Kettle movies
  • The Honeymooners (just plain funny)
  • Born Free
  • Looney Tunes Platinum Collection (mostly appropriate for 15 yrs old and up, imo)
  • The Shop Around the Corner (James Stewart)
  • Sullivan's Travels (Joel McCrae)
  • Cheaper by the Dozen (original version with Myrna Loy)
  • The Happiest Millionaire (Fred MacMurray)
  • Now You See Him, Now You Don't (Kurt Russell)
  • Little Women (Elizabeth Taylor, June Allyson)
  • The Glenn Miller Story (James Stewart, June Allyson)
  • You Can't Take It With You (Jean Arthur, James Stewart, Lionel Barrymore)
  • It's a Wonderful Life (James Stewart)
  • Pardon My Past (Fred MacMurray)
  • The Absent Minded Professor (Fred MacMurray)
  • The Stratton Story (James Stewart) 
The following movie titles are some of my husband and my favorite movies. And with parental discretion, they can be good choices for teens. They are also useful for a glimpse into a little history and a bygone era. I consider these  the 'cream of the crop' of old movies.

  • Sergeant York (true story, Gary Cooper)
  • The Talk of the Town (Cary Grant, Jean Arthur) 
  • Destination Tokyo (Cary Grant)
  • Father Goose (Cary Grant)
  • The Grapes of Wrath (Henry Fonda)
  • Holiday (Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn)
  • Pat and Mike (Tracy & Hepburn)
  • The Court Jester (Danny Kaye)
  • George Washington Slept Here (Jack Benny, Ann Sheridan)
  • I Remember Mama (Irene Dunne)
  • Pride of the Yankees (Gary Cooper)
  • If You Could Only Cook (Jean Arthur)
  • Meet John Doe (Gary Cooper)
  • I Love You Again (William Powell, Myrna Loy)
  • I Was a Male Warbride (Cary Grant, Ann Sullivan)
  • Listen Darling (Judy Garland)
  • Every Girl Should Be Married (Cary Grant, Betsy Drake)
  • Bringing Up Baby (Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart)
  • Too Many Husbands (Jean Arthur, Fred MacMurray
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (James Stewart)
  • Mrs. Miniver (Greer Garson)
  • Father of the Bride (Original version with Spencer Tracy)
  • Father's Little Dividend (sequel; original version with Spencer Tracy)
  • The Devil and Miss Jones (Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings, Charles Coburn)
  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (Cary Grant, Myrna Loy)
  • My Favorite Wife (Cary Grant, Irene Dunne)
  • Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur)
  • Pride & Prejudice (Greer Garson)
  • Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth)
  • Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn)
  • 7 Brides for 7 Brothers (Howard Keel, Jane Powell)
  • Summer Magic (Haley Mills)
  • Parent Trap (new & original versions)
  • The White Cliffs of Dover (Irene Dunne)
  • My Man Godfrey (William Powell, Carole Lombard)
  • It Happened One Night (Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert) 
  • Cheaper By the Dozen (Myrna Loy, Clifton Webb)
  • Life With Father (Irene Dunne, William Powell, Elizabeth Taylor)

One of the things my family appreciates about old movies and tv shows is the greater discretion that was employed in delicate subject areas. Plus, modest dress and respect were far more common.

When we watch old movies with our children, we point out how nice the men and women dressed and how common good manners, wisdom and intelligence were. We also draw their attention to any virtuous or historical points. Many of the lines from these films/shows have become funny catchphrases in our home, which bonds us even closer together. 

TV and movies aren't going anywhere and unless we lived in a hut somewhere, I haven't found it feasible to eliminate them altogether.

In our family, modern sitcoms and tv dramas are not an option because of their totally anti-God agendas. They are dishonoring to God and increasingly profane and blasphemous. And most if not all of them have relentless liberal agendas.  We don't watch reality shows either (other than the Duggar show when we had cable, which we don't anymore) since they only represent ungodly people trying to make sense of life without God - a lesson in futility, not to mention an impossibility. That leaves some news, an occasional game show (Wheel or Jeopardy) and travel and cooking shows on Create TV which are entertaining and educational.

My prayer is that when our kids are grown and on their own, even if they try out some of the newer stuff, they will quickly see it for what it is - sinful and blasphemous - and uphold the conservative standards we have taught them. Maybe even supersede them! What a blessing that would be!

I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into our favorite family friendly viewing choices. If you care to share, I'd love to hear about any good family viewing you've come across!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get Rid of Heavy Metals in Your Body

Most people in western civilizations have accumulated heavy metals in their bodies and actually need to detox them on a regular basis.

Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include:
  • Headache
  • Impaired cognitive, motor, language skills
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive distress, and reduced ability to properly assimilate and utilize fats
  • Aching joints
  • Depression
  • Impaired blood sugar regulation
  • Female reproductive problems such s menstrual difficulties, infertility, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy-induced hypertension and premature birth
One very effective way to detoxify the body of heavy metals is to use Bentonite clay. For more great information on this amazing clay, read here and here.

According to empoweredsustenance.com,

"This clay comes in different varieties depending upon which elements are most concentrated in it, potassium, sodium, calcium, and aluminum, but the two most commercially available types are sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite."


When you take bentonite clay internally, which is the most effective way to use it, you MUST increase your water intake, otherwise you risk constipation. Also you must take it one hour before eating or two hours after eating (which means waiting another hour before eating again!) So the best time to take it is in the morning an hour before breakfast.  We just bought a bag of empty capsules from Vitamin cottage and a "Cap M Quick" gadget and fill them ourselves. Alternately, you can buy them pre capsulated or for the strong of heart, just stir in the clay to a glass of juice and drink it.

Bentonite clay swells significantly inside the body so be sure to drink enough water to compensate for that. Once it's done the job of metal gathering, it simply goes out the body as waste.


You can also soak in a bentonite clay bath but it takes a LOT of bentonite clay for this method and it's kind of messy.

Epsom Salts

Another great way to rid your body of excess metals is taking epsom salt baths. Epsom salt has the wonderful ability to bind with heavy metals and pull them out of the body, thus turning a luxurious bubble bath into a highly effective cleanse. I try to take at least 2 or 3 a week. Epsom salt baths are also great for sore muscles! A hot soak, a glass of red wine and a good movie or book = total relaxation for a tired mama!

We put silicone caulking over the drain overfill spot so that we could fill the bathtub higher. If you do this, just remember to use great caution that you don't overflow the tub. We always set a timer when we fill our bathtub for that very reason. Alternatively, you could just stay in the bathroom while it fills. But I'm too fidgety for that, so watching the clock or setting a timer works for me.

Other Things You Can Do

Avoid non-stick cookware, as it's a well known toxic danger. Stainless steel can also expose you to carcinogenic nickel.
Get any dental amalgam fillings replaced with "white" filling by a biodentist.
Avoid vaccinations.
Avoid cosmetics with aluminum bases, mineral powders that contain bismuth and aluminum-laden antiperspirants.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Maleficent - Harmless or Harmful?

In 1959, Disney released the animated fairy tale SLEEPING BEAUTY. The villain of the story was Maleficent.  Recently,  Disney released a sort of updated version of this tale and gave it a PG MPAA rating. They herald it as a movie the whole family can enjoy. But in truth, this movie should be gravely concerning to parents. Mainly because the line between villain and hero are markedly blurred in this film. Which doesn’t negate a problem for discerning adults who can make internal judgments from a wide base of experience, knowledge and understanding. But children are not able to discern nearly as well. 

For children, if they perceive that the “hero” is both good and bad, the movie has now taught them something altogether different than what their parents are teaching them. And with the flair, drama, wit and emotion the movie provides, they cannot help but be influenced negatively on a much deeper level. 

Fathers are repeatedly portrayed as villains in the film sending subliminal indoctrination to children to dishonor and disrespect their own father. We all know this is actually old hat in the film/tv industry.  But it’s imperitive to understand that kids are being taught at the movies. 

Many years ago, movies taught children in line with what their parents taught them at home -  to  do the right thing. Some even gave nods to following God. But those ideas have eroded to following their own heart. God said the heart is desperately wicked and deceitful. In other words, don’t trust your heart. Trust God and lean not on your own understanding.

Inconsistent Hero

As Christians, we teach our children about God by reading his Word, but our biggest influences is our behavior.  In the Bible, Jesus gives a parable illustrating the difference between a man who says he won't do the right thing, but then does, and compares him to a man who says he would do the right thing, and then doesn't.  Showing that it’s not just our intentions that count, but our actions

Maleficent, the true villain in this movie, is portrayed as one who could do good but chooses to stay a villain.  What kind of message does this send to kids?  I think it's pretty obvious. It can be cool - and fun! - to be bad. 

Our children observe that we all make mistakes. Mistakes are unplanned. They are mishaps, slip ups. Like when you call one of your children and the wrong name comes out. If you’re the parent of more than one child, you know the drill. You start to call Johnny but a stream of every other one of your children’s names first!  Kath, eh, Bil, eh, Anna…..Johnny!  That is a mistake. And it's very different from a sin. Sin is doing wrong with knowledge. When you know to do right and don’t, it’s sin.  Technically, we do the wrong thing all the time, but unless it’s deliberate and with knowledge, God does not “account” that as sin to us.  

The inconsistencies to clear right and wrong in this film can only lead to confusion in children.

Do film makers simply have a fundamental misunderstanding of the cognitive stages of development in children? Nope, I don’t believe that is the case at all.  In fact, if you consider the carefully worded and plotted movies they produce with their subtle and not so subtle story lines, they've proven that they understand better than most parents. 

Bottom Line

Maleficent obscures good and evil as well as the movie’s unfavorable father figure. The politically correct environmentalist themes are very effective at confusing the innocent and confirming the jaded. 

For Christians, our identity is a two sided coin. We are saved by grace, seated with Christ on high and sealed.  But what we DO bears witness to the grace we've received through Jesus Christ.  He has done and continues to do a miraculous work in us. But movies like Maleficent do not stir our children to follow Jesus or do right. If anything, it promotes the opposite.

When they were little, mhusband and I always explained to our children why we didn’t watch certain films even though many of the people we knew did.  Some of the films that we didn't let them watch when they were younger, we enjoyed when they were older because they had grown and had much better ability to sift and decipher and discern subtle themes and plots. 

If your husband is not the type to shield your children from movies that you would deem harmful or damaging (like Maleficent), express your concerns to him. If he insists on a film that you object to, then pray and seek the Lord about it. But don't take a stand against him over it, otherwise you are usurping the authority that God gave to him.  

[**Disclaimer: I believe it's every mother's duty to take a stand against anyone, husband included, when it comes to films where nudity, excess violence, gore, horror, etc are involved. It's the same as protecting a child from an intruder, burglar, predator, etc.]

One of my consistent prayers for my kids has been that the Lord would give them very heavy consciences. That their sense of right and wrong would be so relentless and intense that it would drive their path to the foot of the cross all the days of their lives.  That they would see wrong for what it is - sin - and turn away from it. That movies that they see now and when they’re grown would only drive the wedge further into the ground between right and wrong. And they would continually choose right. 

In an upcoming article, I’ll give a list of the movies and tv programs we have watched over the years that have been an encouragement rather than a detriment, to their development. You might be surprised at some of them!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Alternatives to Ibuprofin

My son was scheduled to get braces on his teeth last week and after doing a little research, I was dismayed to learn that there were health risks. It never occurred to me that there could be something to be concerned aboutbecause they are so "common".

The metals in orthodontic appliances is a major concern, but there were other dangers, too. The clock was ticking and I soon wanted to back out of the whole thing.  So, the night before the orthodontic appointment, I called a family meeting and proceeded to read aloud everything I'd recently discovered about the risks from having braces. Root resorption, metal poisoning, toxic shock, tooth loss, gum diseases, decay and even death.

My husband and sons listened with mounting sobriety as I read for a good 15 minutes. I hoped that they would agree that the braces weren't worth the risks involved.  Even though my son's braces have been deemed medically necessary (due to a birth defect) I hoped he would see that his teeth, while not perfect, are at least healthy and they do what they're supposed to do. Plus he had no cavities or other dental caries. Did he really want to risk it?

To my great disappointment, he said yes he did. Ug! My husband was ambivalent but finally agreed that it would probably be okay and that we could try our best to offset the adversities as best we can. I knew the "our best" really meant "my best" as this would fall in my jurisdiction.

I prayed for strength and wisdom. And the next day I took him to get the braces put on. The technician that assisted the Doctor was nice and when she found out my son was homeschooled, cheerfully declared that she had been, too - K-12! That was a happy coincidence.

All went well at his appointment and when we got home, I gave him some capsulated bentonite clay with a large glass of water to combat the problem with the metal exposure. Bentonite clay has the amazing ability to soak up and absorb heavy metals from the body.  So that will be his protocol for the duration of the orthodontic treatment. First thing in the morning he'll swallow the clay capsules with a tall glass of water and wait an hour before eating. That way it's done and out of the way for the day.

Now to the ibuprofen alternative! It was suggested we give him some ibuprofen for the soreness and swelling he would probably be feeling soon after they were installed.  I am not a fan of ibuprofen so I looked into something more natural. After a little investigation, I was so happy to have an effective remedy. And conveniently enough, I had what I needed right in my kitchen cupboard!

Do you know there is a common kitchen spice that has been shown to be just as effective at reducing inflammation and pain as ibuprofen but with none of the ill side effects?  In fact, it's actually good for you. You probably have some in your spice cupboard, too. Turmeric! Turmeric is that orange colored spice that is commonly used in indian cooking.  I immediately filled up some empty capsules and gave him two of turmeric and two of Valerian with his lunch. Valerian is a wonderful herb that has calming properties. The two together took care of his pain and made him much more comfortable. I gave him the same dose again at dinner time. (Turmeric is great for any inflammation issues.)

While I'm not crazy about the orthodontic treatment, I'm so thankful for the benefits of herbs and clay.  They are amazing natural substances that we can utilize for better health and pain management!

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