Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is a Keeper At Home?

The Holy Bible refers to a woman being a "keeper at home".  I believe that doesn't only refer to "housekeeping".  It entails acting as guardians of our husband's house, his affairs and his children. I am a guarder to all my husband has entrusted to me. 

My focus each day is in keeping my home for my husband, and maintaining a haven of order, joy and tranquility that my family can thrive in. As woman, I am aware that I set the tone in the house.  That is why it is SO important that my tone is joyful and thankful. 

Titus chapter two gives women an outline of 8 basic duties.

1. to be sober, (moderate, controlled)
2. to love our husbands
3. to love our children
4. to be discreet

5. to be chaste
6 to be keepers at home
7. to be good
8. to be obedient to their own husbands

This list is very simple, isn't it?  Each one makes perfect sense. But God also has another very important reason for them: that the word of God be not blasphemed.  I think it's safe to conclude that when a woman is NOT attending to these things, God sees it as blasphemous.

When I seek to please my husband each day, I know I am pleasing the Lord. I'm fulfilling the purpose He created me for.

Genesis  2:18  And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

Help Meet literally means "suited or fit for".  We were literally made to help meet our husband's needs which is God's perfect design.   Each woman's tasks are as unique as each woman's husband. So we should each seek to please our own man. Find out what is at the top of his list and put it at the top of your list.  

All men enjoy good food and ironically, meal planning is often a struggle for many wives.  So menu planning seems is a good priority to have. Do your best to navigate around pesticides, genetically altered foods, and chemical additives but above all making healthy well balanced meals for your husband and kids.  But do what you can to eliminate as many health risks as possible. 

Learn what your husband considers important. If starched and pressed shirts are needful for his career, make them a priority.  Does he enjoy a hot breakfast in the morning? Get up a little early, don a pretty apron and prepare him a hearty morning meal each morning.  Does he come home dirty from hard labor?  Keep clean, fluffy towels in the bathroom for his showers, and keep his work clothes laundered so that he always has a clean set ready for work.

If our days are so busy that we fail at taking proper care of our husband's needs, then something has to change. How is a woman to do it all?  Let the children help.  And as soon as they can walk, they can help.  Remember the command above in Titus?  We are told to love our children. If we do not train our children to be cheerful in work and play, we are not loving them.  Children need to help around their home and do their share.  When our children are put in charge of several tasks around the house, they are happier and more content.

I heard a wonderful Christian speaker, Lorrie Flem, give her ideas for a work training session from mother (or father) to child. 
It goes this way:

I work, you watch.
I work, you help.
You work, I help.
You work, I watch.

In this way, children can really learn what mom expects a job to be done.   

Getting our children happy (work and discipline IS an ingredient for truly happy kids) is part of keeping our home.  When a mother ignores this vital step in training her children, the bible says she will be brought to shame. 

Children are born to love routine, and giving them one that is pretty much the same every day is a good idea. My children really like a solid routine.  It's nice if you can include an hour each afternoon for quiet time, even as they get older. It can refresh all in the home to have a period of solitude once a day.  I find that once kids are on a routine, moms really have an edge on keeping that home and creating the comforting haven for the family.

As keepers at home, we have something we alone are in charge of keeping and it's a blessing and honor. 

Let us revel in being Queen of our husband's hearts, and Queen over our very own homes.  Our homes are our castles, big or small. And when we focus our minds and hearts with gratitude for these things that most take for granted, God is glorified.

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