Monday, November 21, 2011

The Cayenne Miracle

Have you heard about cayenne? Did you know that it is not just a hot spice in your kitchen but a powerful, life saving medical remedy?
After reading this article, I hope you will put Cayenne pepper on your shopping list and then start learning how to use it. You never know when it could mean the difference between life and death. If I had known about cayenne years ago, I could have helped a loved one whose brain was hemorrhaging right before my eyes.

This is a very informative article.

Another interesting resource is a book I just finished reading, by Dick Quinn called "Left For Dead". In it he documents his own true and amazing story of how after having a heart attack, an angioplasty and a double bypass surgery, his doctors could do nothing more for him and essentially they left him "for dead".

After becoming desperately weak and on the verge of death, he remembered someone he met who had urged him to take cayenne.  He figured her suggestion to be quackery but in desperation one day, he filled some spare capsules he had at home with some regular kitchen cayenne powder and took a few.  He was astonished at the resulting strength and vitality he gained in a very short time.

Cayenne's is definitely created for blood and heart health. Isn't it amazing that God made the color of cayenne red just like blood?  Like a hint to point us toward its best purpose!

Elsewhere in Quinn's book, we learn about how a Soy Lecithin "flush" can clear up arteries.  My husband and I did this flush and afterward my husband said he felt much better. For a few years he'd had elevated blood pressure especially after physical exertion.  But after the Soy Lectihin flush, that feeling has not returned. A doctor visit confirmed that his blood pressure is now normal.   We praise God for this amazing and natural product. It tastes similar to malt in my opinion. We just stir it into our morning juice and drink it down. Super easy and just amazing benefits. 

We found Soy Lecithin at Sprouts Farmer's Market but I'm sure it's available at most health food stores.  It's actually kind of pleasant tasting, too. 

Cayenne is one herb we should all have in our homes. Heart disease is on the rise in our country along with circulation problems and high blood pressure. These are all things that cayenne can help.

I could list all the things here in this blog, but it would be too long to do so.  Dick Quinn's book was available at our local library for free. That's where I first read it. But we have since bought a copy of our own now. We also recently bought Rachel Weaver's book, "Be Your Own Doctor" and she also gives many amazing stories and uses for cayenne.
I think it's so important to take the time to learn about this king of herbs.

It just makes good sense to do all we can to treat and prevent illness at home rather than entrust our health to failing and greedy health care institutions.

How amazing are things God has given us! They grow right out of the ground for our health and happiness on this earth so we can live and grow and enjoy God's amazing creation.

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