Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get the Metal Out of Your Mouth

Quack, Quack, Where’s The Duck?

Originally, a “quack” was a dentist who used silver fillings. Silver fillings are also known as amalgam fillings which contain mercury. Mercury was known as quicksilver in the United States. But interestingly enough, it was known as “quacksilver” in Europe.

In 1848, the American Society of Dental Surgeons required its members to pledge NOT to use mercury amalgam in filling material. And when member dentists in New York City used mercury, they were suspended for “malpractice by using silver mercury fillings.”

According to Morton Walker, D.P.M. (author of Elements of Danger and 70 othe
r books related to alternative health), the suspended fellows refused to give up their toxic ways because mercury offered an easily malleable, inexpensive filling material. They formed a new, competitive organization—the American Dental Association!

Mercury is a known toxic metal and has been linked to birth defects, autoimmune illnesses and neurological illnesses including depression. Mercury can cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers and startling new research has linked the presence of Mercury in the brain to one of the major structural markers in Alzheimer’s disease.

Some quick facts about mercury:
  1. Mercury is the most-toxic, non-radioactive element on Earth.
  2. A silver colored mercury amalgam filling normally contains 52% mercury.
  3. On average, an amalgam filling weighs 1 gram and contains 1/2 gram of mercury.
  4. The typical adult carries ten amalgam fillings containing about 5 grams of mercury.
  5. 1/2 gram of mercury in a ten acre lake would warrant issuance of a fish advisory for the lake.
  6. Running shoes with mercury lights in their heels were banned by the Minnesota Legislature in 1994 because they contained a 1/2 gram of mercury in them and this was considered dangerous to public health.
  7. Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden ban the use of mercury amalgam fillings in pregnant women and children and complete bans are scheduled to be phased in.
  8. The state of California requires this warning in all dental offices with a staff of 10 or more that use mercury amalgam fillings. “The people of the state of California have determined that the use of dental amalgam causes birth defects and other health problems.”
  9. Legislation is now being proposed in Minnesota for a similar “Informed Consent” law to protect all patients
This is just the beginning of the story of mercury in millions of mouths causing illness and death. This is one of the important things I've learned that I wish everyone knew about. Now YOU know.

I found a wonderful, mercury-free dentist through There is a plethora of information on that website, as well as information on how to find a certified mercury removal dentist in your area

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