Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feed a Cold

This morning my oldest woke up feeling poorly, and his symptoms indicate some bronchial trouble.  When someone in our family gets sick, I relegate them to their bed so their germs stay confined to one area instead of all over the house infecting every member. I also wiped all the doorknobs this morning with a clorox cleaning wipe (followed by drying them with a paper towel). An easy but effective measure to take to prevent the spread of germs.

To start with I gave him some fresh orange juice and some hot chamomile & thyme tea. Thyme has properties that break up mucus so if you have some in your cupboard, remember it if you're ever dealing with bronchial or upper respiratory issues! :)

For his breakfast, I made him scrambled omega-3 eggs (cooked in a little grapeseed oil), whole grain toast drizzled with with agave, and an applesauce cup w/ cinnamon. Cinnamon is wonderful at fighting off infection so adding this to as many foods and drinks as possible is an excellent treatment.

His morning supplements were 1 capsule each of Cod Liver oil, Valerian, Dandelion, Cayenne, Vitamin C and Kelp.  Each of these have properties that offer significant benefits to improve his condition.

It's been an hour and already he's joking with his brother and sitting up in bed. :)

For lunch, I'm giving him some tuna mixed lightly with mayo, served with no-salt saltine crackers, an orange, and a green salad lightly dressed.

For his dinner, I plan to make sweet and sour lentil soup.  The sweet will come from honey (a natural cough suppressent plus it contains many other trace minerals) and the sour will come from Bragg's apple cider vinegar which is also excellent for fighting off infections.  The lentils are high in fiber, iron and protein and easy to digest making them an ideal food to feed someone feeling under the weather.

I remember the day when our children were little when I'd call the doctor for every little thing.  But studying up on how the body heals itself and natural foods and herbs that help it to fight infection has helped me to "doctor" my family in times of illness by myself. 

Having said that, I also believe there are times when doctors are needful.  In fact my husband went to see a doctor yesterday for something that home remedies weren't working.  They took some blood samples for testing and those results will help determine what direction to pursue. 

We are praying for wisdom and help from the Lord in the matter of good health.  It seems we are living in a world that is making healthy living more and more of a challenge.  But the Lord is our help and strength and gives power to the powerless.  I trust him completely for our family's well being.

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