Monday, May 28, 2012

Flu, Flu Go Away

The stomach flu is making its rounds in my house.  First my 13yo emptied his stomach 8 times (he counted) last Weds. I didn't have my thinking cap on for him and just had him rest for a day and gave him fluids. Praise God, it resolved itself by the next day. 

Then last night my 15yo got it. M
y husband had the awesome to give him some ginger and honey water to sip. This seemed to help because he only had two instances of vomiting and hasn't had anything further.

The next morning my husband joined the party and I thought, "Oh dear, this means I'll be next!" lol :)

I quickly changed all the bedding and set to washing them (in hot water!) just to give everyone a fresh bed and get rid of any germies that might be lurking.  I also did a quick-clean of my whole house, disinfecting and cleaning all the toilets, sweeping & mopping bathroom floors, wiping down sinks and vacuuming.  Since the house was already in pretty good order, it only took about a half hour to get the house in apple pie order.

My 13yo son actually changed his brother's sheets for him without even being asked.  It was one of those mom moments when I thought, 'I'm doing something right!'  :) 

Be Your Own DoctorNext, I got out my wonderful, trusty Doctor book out for some advice on stomach bugs. This book has been SO helpful to me! 

Today I learned that taking some activated charcoal and water once per hour can often resolve a stomach "bug" before it gets you. 

Can you believe that I just added activated charcoal to our medicine cabinet last week!? I'm praising God for that! :) 

So I took a capsule with a glass of water and will take another in an hour.  Hopefully I will emerge unscathed from this ordeal! :)

I also learned that a drop or two of peppermint oil in a bit of water will help nausea to go away.  Just put some on my husband's nightstand so he can take it when he rouses in a little while.

I will let you know if the activated charcoal worked for me to keep the bug from getting me!

Update!It is now 3 days later and I am still well.  Activated Charcoal ROCKS! 

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