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Why I Use the King James Bible

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The King James Bible is the Bible text that we have received from our fathers.  

The Bible says all Scripture was given by inspiration of God and is profitable.  So what exactly does “all Scripture” refer to?  To find out, we need only look up the word Scripture in an Exaustive Bible concordance like Strongs.  Every time scripture is used in the Bible, it never refers to only the original, but to copies of copies of copies of the original. 

When Jesus was on earth and opened and read the Scriptures, he was opening a copy of the Bible
 and yet he called it Scripture.  Since all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, what Jesus had in his day, were copies of the originals that were given by inspiration of God. 

The word "given" is interesting.  All Scripture “is given”. This would indicate an ongoing process.  God didn’t give us his perfect word and then abandon it and then let someone goof it up.  But he  keeps preserving it and passing his Scripture down. 

The King James Bible is based on what’s called the majority text or we call it the “Textus Receptus”.  The Textus Receptus has come to have the connotation of a particular text, but there is no single Greek text that Scrivener or other different one’s have produced. Greek texts differ one from the other in minor ways, yet each one would be called the textus Receptus.  The term "Textus Receptus" simply means the “received text” originally given to our fathers.

Behind the King James Bible, we’ve got a whole line of a couple hundred years of the Bible being put into the English, culminating into the King James Bible.  And even after the King James Bible was given, there were a couple revisions where it was corrected back to its original perfection when it was originally translated.  It's important to note, too, that the "corrections" nearly always involved grammar or spelling adjustments rather than content.

The KJB is that Bible that’s consistent with a multitude of other language Bibles.  If you go back and you look at the early Latin, the Syriac, the Ethiopian and the Coptic languages, many of the languages that were translated in 100 A.D., 150 A.D., 200 A.D. –  those early bibles that have come down to us through the ages, we find are consistent with the KJB.  Over 95% of all Greek manuscripts – pieces or bits, or even whole books that are found and available to us (called extant manuscripts) –  are in agreement with the King James Bible. 
Less than 5% are different from the KJB.  The KJB is the bible that the churches always used in different translations and multiple languages.  But it’s the same text as it reads right now in the King James Bible. 

Only in modern times, as a result of German scholarship, have so-called scholars departed from the reading of the KJB (in any language) and gone to the reading of Sinaneticus and Vatiniacus texts; those two manuscripts were put together in the middle 1800s and produced a new Greek bible that had never existed before.  And that new Greek bible became the Nestle Aland’s Greek New Testament. 

If your preacher says, “ the original Greek says…” he’s not going back to the original Greek,  he’s going back to a Greek manuscript that’s a little over a hundred years old.  He’s going back to a Greek manuscript that was created by two unbelievers, that became the basis of the ASV, NASV, RSV, NIV, the Good News for Modern Man – all new translations came from a Modern Greek text. 
And that Modern Greek text was based on basically two manuscripts.  And those two manuscripts were not written in cornet Greek, they were written in classical Greek.  So they read quite a bit different. 

But whenever the scholars took the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus texts and put it into a Modern Greek edition, they re-translated it or back-translated into the cornet Greek of an earlier period so that it looked like it was the one that was available in Jesus’ day, when in fact it was not. It was a manuscript that came about 500 years after Christ that they were copying from.  It can be traced back to north Africa in origin and is the so-called “Septuagint” text in the old Testament.

Many Bible College Professors and Preachers that are correcting your Bible, have no idea about the background of it.  Once you learn, you’ll be shocked. You will feel like you do right now about the way the Government politicians are betraying you and departing from the Constitution. 

The same kind of fraud, the same kind of deceit, the same kind of willfulness to deprive you of your liberties, is also depriving you of the word of God.  The sooner you get educated on it and stop taking the word of “good godly men” the sooner you will be reading the King James Bible and trusting every single word in it as the Word of God.

For further study on the subject, I recommend the book, "Which Version Is the Bible?" by Floyd Jones.

For more examples of textual differences between the King James Bible and modern 'bibles', click here.

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