Thursday, December 27, 2012

Host A Game Night

In my family, we love playing all kinds of games. From board and card games to made up games and charades.  Games are such a great way to connect as a family and they are amazingly educational, too.  Kids (and adults!) learn so many thing from games. 

To name just a few:

  • Waiting their turn promotes patience
  • Sequential concepts
  • instant results from decisions made
  • sensory perception
  • social development
  • dealing with limits promotes self-control

When children engage with others in a game, they have to learn that even in the excitement and intensity of a close match, they still have to submit to the limits and boundaries of rules and regulations. An important life lesson!  When kids develop a sense of fair play early on, they end up "way of ahead of the game".  ha :) 

The other night we invited three families over to our home for an evening of games and dessert and it was so much fun, we are hoping to do it regularly.  

I made two pies and a pot of coffee and then set out pretty Christmas paper plates, red cocktail napkins, a beverage dispenser with lemon ice water inside and plastic cups.  When our guests arrived, we greeted them warmly at the door, took their coats and ushered them into the kitchen.  

We served up the desserts and enjoyed friendly fellowship for a bit. The younger kids ate theirs in the kitchen and then went into the family room to play a stack of games. I think they played Apples to Apples, Sorry and In a Pickle. 

The adults and older kids took their refreshments to the dining room table where we played a board game called Balderdash.  (We have the older edition which we like much better than the modern one.)

Our invitation specified a starting time of 7 and an ending time of 9:30pm-ish to give our guests an idea of time perimeters.  We ended up finishing up around 10pm. 

This was so much fun. We hope to host more game night in the coming months and if we do, I think I'll also put out a big bowl of popcorn, too.  

Have you ever hosted a game night in your home?  


DeNiece Barnes said...

I just wanted to let you know I love your blog and is very encouraging to many people. I am a homeschool mother and I just love it. I always look forward to new post.I can not wait for you to post again : ) Thanks for the encouragement. Also we have our family game night here on Friday night and I have to say our favorite game of all games is Skip-Bo. I will be hosting a game night very soon with a couple from our church and their children. My family and I are really looking forward to it. I pray you and your family are having a blessed 2013 so far.

Simply Keeping Home said...

DeNiece that is the sweetest comment! Thank you for taking the time to write. You are an encouragement to me. I hope you let us know on your blog how your upcoming game night goes! My family is doing well this year, and I give God the glory for that. I hope you and yours are enjoying good health and God's blessings, too.

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