Friday, April 12, 2013


Salt gets a bad wrap from most people. And do you know why? Bad information. I think it is criminal of doctors to misinform the masses with their faulty research. It is a sordid, messy affair, the medical industry. There are some decent docs out there I'm sure. But so many are wooed by the dollar. They have so much time and student loans invested in their career that they actually steer people clear of natural solutions because there's no money in it for them. 

They will sell people on the idea that their cholesterol is too high, yet studies reveal they have no proof that high cholesterol is the real culprit in someone's poor health. They will put them on statin drugs, tell them to eat less fat and stay away from salt. 

But salt is essential to good health. People who put their hopes in medical doctors often end up worse off. And it breaks my heart to see that, especially when it's a close relative.  

This is the brand of sea salt that tops most people's salt list.  It's  extremely healthful and nourishing to human cells.  It comes in fine or course ground. 

 I buy the course ground and just put it in a pepper grinder to grind it fresh.

The fine ground is more expensive because the grinding work is done for you.  Which makes it more convenient, but not more economical.  So, if you're watching your budge, course ground makes sense.

For a while I was stumped with just how to get this stuff ground fine and therefore useable.  I tried my little mortar and pestle and it was a slow process. 

Then I stumbled upon a fantastic idea to grind a lot of salt all at once with equipment I already own!

All you need is a good sturdy rolling pin and cutting board.

Put a pile of course salt on the cutting board and begin to slowly roll over it.  You really have to give it quite a bit of elbow grease, but the result is so worth it!

When I'm finished, I store the freshly ground it in a small crock with a lid and the rest of the course ground in a plastic food container.  I also use a food scraper to get the salt from board to bowl. 

You might say that this is a lot of work just for some salt.  But it is worth it when you understand how many minerals and trace elements are in this kind of salt and how devoid normal table salt is.  Celtic sea salt is chock full of these essentials and not only that but it makes food taste better than you'd think. :) 

All Things Salty Are Not the Same

Normal table salt is an isolated compound and when you ingest it, your body immediately begins to compensate for the missing elements by dragging them from other parts of your body.  Those other parts of your body need those minerals so this is a dangerous and unhealthy process that you want to avoid.

God intended for salt to pal around with other specific minerals and trace elements. That is why processed table salt is bad for you, but sea salt (especially Celtic or Himilayan sea salts) is good for you. 

When minerals are missing from our diet, our health pays a very high price.  I love me some Celtic sea salt and I'm loving what it's doing for my health. 


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

This is good information. I just tried sea salt for the first time in my life this past month. Wow! I can really taste the difference. The flavor is so much better. I didn't realize that it was absorbed by the body differently. Next time, I'll try the coarse sea salt and give my rolling pin a work out.

Simply Keeping Home said...

Hi Susie!
I love the flavor, too. It really enhances the taste of food far above table salt. Let us know how your salt grinding goes!

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