Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Be Well Groomed (1949)

I love the 1940s. If I could travel in time, I'd plunk myself right down in that era. There was no political correctness. Roles were well defined, genders were clear. No worrying about what you might encounter in a public restroom. Children could play in their neighborhoods without undue fear. Neighbors were neighborly and families were in tact for the most part. Big band was in full swing. Materialism had not taken root nor had television.  You could tell a man from a woman instantaneously. Fashion was at it's peak, in my opinion. The hairstyles for women were feminine and work savvy. Hair styles for men were dapper and clean cut. Kitchens had back doors that the woman of the house would answer for friends, neighbors and milkmen. Husbands were the established breadwinners an allowing wives the time to take care of their home and children. Wives would diligently plan nutritious and thrifty meals for their families and not rely on convenience foods or drive through (which didn't exist).

I also love thoughtfulness and thoroughness which Americans gave to the basic aspects of living. The fact that they took the time to make the short "how to" films on good manners and good grooming (below) is so great in my opinion.

I know there were hardships of wartime, racial inequality and other problems. But every era has something. No era is "perfect".  But I do think that some were better than others. This was one of them. For all the problems that existed, there were a dozen ways they were better off then than we are now.

Imagine a time when poor grooming and hygiene were on a short list of "problems" facing Americans. As I look around at today's Americans, I'm ashamed for what I see. We've become a nation of immodesty, immorality, railers, abusers and haters of God. Keeping up with the Jones' is evident in every trend. sigh.

But this video is delightful. It's a good reminder of how good grooming takes time. Too many people cut corners on the mainstay of grooming and hygiene and then reap the consequences of eroding health and social lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little film and all it tried to accomplish in giving an overview of good grooming. My 18 year old son heard it playing on my computer and came over to watch with me and he liked it too. Hope you do as well. :)


DeNiece Barnes said...

What a wonderful video. I too agree that times were hard back then especially due to racism, and wars going on, but I loved that mom was home and dad come home every afternoon from working long hours and the family sat down to dinner together. I like that women took proud in how they dressed and wore modest clothing. Thanks for sharing sure a wonderful video. This video give us a glimpse back in time. Have a wonderful rest of the week my dear sister in Christ.

Simply Keeping Home said...

I totally agree DeNiece! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and encouragement with us! I hope your week will be blessed :-)