Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cold Season

November has been beautiful in our area with blue skies and beautiful leaves everywhere. Our new house is coming along and we're getting it a little bit more organized.

We've been doing well fighting off the various coughs and colds that are going around.
So far our younger son (16) is the only one in our family to catch a cold. But it is getting steadily better! I have given him honey and cinnamon on a spoon, herbal teas, and several doses of herb capsules. The immune boosting herbs that I have found helpful are Echinacea, Fenugreek, Myrrh Gum, Goldenseal, ginger and turmeric. We also take a daily vitamin supplement with all 90 essential vitamins, & minerals called Tangy Tangerine and that is helping him get well and also us all stay healthy.

I have recently been thinking about a theory I have about healthcare. I have noticed that some people who "try" herbs seldom put much stock into the idea. They think it's stupid or just folklore. They seldom stick with it nor give herbs/natural treatments the credit for their improved condition. Perhaps  they didn't really "believe" the herbs would "do" anything in the first place? What we believe is very powerful. For instance, I believe our health is directly connected to whether you have a merry heart or a broken spirit.
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. ~ Proverbs 17:22
So it is with believing that the Lord God made our bodies to self-heal. And He gave us the green herbs to help. They take a little longer and work much gentler to bring healing and require a different mindset and a little patience, whereas chemicals and pharmaceuticals are designed to bring mask the symptoms and bring temporary, but immediate, relief.

Anyway, back to my theory. I think that herbal/natural treatments are far less effective — maybe not  effective at all — when used simultaneously or in conjunction with pharma drugs.

Pharmaceuticals use an entirely different method for "treating" various ailment. Their job is not to heal or cure, but to suppress. Most people who have a headache reach for NSAIDS like Acetaminophen, Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

I read somewhere that if Ibuprofen were invented today, it would be by prescription only. And that seems very rational considering the number of deaths per year it causes.

I understand the plausibility of pharma drugs in absolute emergency situations. But for home treatments for common ailments — headache, sore throat, colds, coughs, flu, etc — using pharma drugs is the equivalent of turning off your fire alarm because it is too loud.

Pharmaceuticals put great strain on the organs and thereby cause a counter productive response to healing by the body. I like know what I am putting in my body and giving my family and herbs have proven very safe and extremely effective. I love that they seek to aid the body in repair and wellness and not work against it or cover up symptoms. God made our bodies to want to heal, so when we are unwell, we need to trust that the body is going to seek balance and health.

So I think if you're going to use something, do one or the other, but not both. Not only could herbs cause a chemical reaction with pharma drugs, they are rendered ineffective for natural wellness due to the strain the body caused by the drugs. I often wonder if people could avoid the diseases so prevalent today if they just stopped taking pharma drugs/medications and started learning about natural treatments and wellness.

What about you? Has my theory proved evident with you or someone you know concerning the ineffectiveness of herbs when mixed with pharmaceuticals? I would love to hear from you!


April said...

Since I am still in my childbearing years and it seems I'm always either pregnant and/or nursing I'm very cautious with herbs bc there are many that cannot be used pregnant or nursing. I do drink
Pregnancy and mothers milk teas though. I haven't looked into interactions with pharmaceuticals bc again there's not a lot of those I can take while nursing as well. I have been really into essential oils this past year and find them very helpful but again I use them cautiously and always research what is safe.

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thanks for your comment April. I think it's wise to be cautious about using supplements of any kind during pregnancy, nursing and childbearing years. It can be difficult to treat ailments due to pregnancy and lactation. Do you end up using OTC meds or pain relievers during these times or just go without?

April said...

I sometimes use pain relievers but it's very rare as I usually don't need them for anything. My last two pregnancies I had to take Pepcid bc I would get heartburn/indigestion so bad I would be come physically ill to the point that I would even throw up sometimes. So while the Pepcid wasn't ideal I weighed my options in that case. Once I began taking it, it was like a switch had turned in and I felt 100% better. I've heard that papaya extract or something to that effect is supposed to be good for heartburn so I may try that when I become pregnant again.

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thanks for sharing that, April! It us amazing how we have been conditioned to view chemical/drug potions such as Pepcid ac as a safer choice than natural alternatives. I used to do that too, so I am not faulting you. But I do encourage you and everyone I know to seek and study out the safety and efficacy of simple and natural remedies! :) For example, acid reflux/heartburn is not actually a problem of too much acid, but not enough! When you add a little acid, such taking a teaspoon of as Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) before each meal, reflux is quickly cured with no drug side affects. Fermented foods and quality probiotics also promote the "good bacteria" to outnumber the bad and that adds to a healthy digestion which in turn aids in digestion and eliminates reflux issues.

April said...

I don't view them as safer. It was the only thing that worked for me. I tried ACV (braggs) and it didn't work. I have small children and like I mentioned it was making me physically ill so I had to do whatever worked. I actually don't use many pharmaceuticals at all. I use a lot of essential oils and teas I just do a lot of research as to what is safe. Both with natural remedies and pharmaceuticals.