Monday, October 10, 2016

Happenings lately

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend and enjoyed dinner out and a cozy evening at home.  We actually went to bed early around 7pm and watched the same movie we saw in the theater on our honeymoon, Apollo 13. Thanks Netflix! :-)

Our sons watched Captain America downstairs with Vidangel. If you haven't heard of vidangel, it is awesome! Easy to use and it allows you to filter out the junk from streamed movies, all for a dollar.

Anyway, my husband and I had a lovely time on our date and tried not to talk about our kids. Funny how easy it is for conversation to flow right to them. We are in our final chapter of raising our kids and as a woman, I am geared by God to need discussion time. And nothing is on my mind more than children. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but that's where I'm at. I want a good return on my investment. I pray for them a lot. A lot, a lot! But still, it was OUR night. Our anniversary is special and sacred so we tried to keep our conversation about our future dreams, where the future might take us, travels we might enjoy.

Our sons are now 20 and 18 and working full time by day and studying in the evenings. So my time of homeschooling has come to an end. It is a happy-sad feeling. Not having family around puts a greater weight on my husband and I to fill in all the blanks and get things right. We are doing okay and trying to focus on finishing well with our boys and learn what God is teaching us.

This week we went to see Swan Lake at the Performing Arts Ballet with some friends in our homeschool group. As homeschoolers, we get discounted tickets to see professional productions along with the public schools every year.  That was a big day because that evening we also had tickets to see the Barnum & Bailey Ringling Bros. circus. Had we not been given free tickets to the circus, we would not have gone.

We're not big circus fans, but since my husband and sons had never been, we were game. I was surprised at how different the circus was from the last (and only) time I saw it 23 years ago. It was all modernized with flashy lights and LOUD (annoying) music. The animal acts were rote and much more toned down than years ago. There were no elephants but they had lions, tigers, horses, dogs, llamas, etc. In fact we heard that this is their last year using animals at all. Which is probably a good thing because there's a lot of questions as to the animals being treated well.

We got to see all the animals outside in their cages before the show and they looked so...caged. The big cats paced a little (a sign of frustration). After the show, we wondered how in the world they can afford to do all they do, and travel with (and feed) all those animals and people! I have no idea. But the performers were very talented and really had amazing acrobatic skills. All in all, it was a good experience and I'm glad we got to go.

As I take time to write this blog post, I'm amazed how full our days have been. If you think you're busy when your kids are younger, just wait until they are highschool-college age. And we live a fairly quiet life compared to some! My head spins off it's axis when I think of families who are even busier.

But different people have different energy levels, opportunities, support people, family, etc. So always remember that comparing your life to others is apples to oranges. Only use it as inspiration and information and then evaluate your own productivity, levels of opportunity, energy, ability and avail-ability and do the best you can.

We are happy and grateful for all the things and people in our lives. I am getting ready to go to a friends house for a homeschool mom's night tonight. I am starting to feel a sense of not belonging as much now that my kids are not officially homeschooling anymore. But I love my friends and want to see them so I'm going. I imagine that by this time next year, I may not be participating at all anymore. Sigh. Rolling with the changes in life is key to living well. Sometimes I think there should be a post-homeschool group for displaced homeschool moms! Maybe someday!

Where are you in your homeschool journey? If you've graduated yours, I'd love to hear how that transition went. What about the idea of a group for post-homeschool moms? Is that something you could see yourself enjoying or attending?

Hope you all have a blessed day!


Courtney Downs said...

I have a question... I am new to homeschooling (my kids are 7,5,4, and 2) and am wondering if you'd be willing to share any of your past experiences from your homeschooling journey that you regret and wish you'd done differently as well as some things that you're happy you chose and did as you did... Not here in comments but perhaps in a future post? I really love and appreciate learning from and getting advice from other moms. xo

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thanks for your comment Courtney. It may take me a while, but that's a great idea! I will be working on it :-)
God bless!

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