Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Health Begins With Digestion

It's been a long, slow climb toward health but I am determined to get there.  I have been working out using The Firm with weights three times a week and Walk Aerobics three times a week, with one day off for most of 2011.  And while I know the exercise is doing me good, I am not seeing much of a change in body size which is frustrating. 

I think the Lord answered my prayers when he pointed me toward my gallbladder.  I posted yesterday about gallbladders and living without them.  Up until that point, it had not occurred to me that sluggish digestion due to having no gallbladder could be at the crux of my wieght and digestion problems.

Even if someone whose gallbladder is in tact is having problems with their health, it would stand to reason that the problem is going to originate somewhere in the digestive process. 

Getting our organs running smoothly, with or without a gallbladder, is the first order of business for good health.  Once that is functioning properly, I think good health is the natural result.  Fasting once a week from dinner to dinner is probably something I will be trying as well.  It seems a natural thing to do to give the digestion a complete break from the onslaught of incoming food for 24 hours.  And skipping dinner and the next day's breakfast and lunch seems to be the easiest way to do because it takes advantage of each day's natural overnight fasting period.

Other things I will implement this week are adding digestive enzymes (beano),  probiotics and bragg's apple cider vinegar to each day's regimen.  I am hoping that these things will help my sluggish digestive system get going again.

I already do a parasite cleanse once a year.  But I've only done a liver flush once and I sure didn't like it. I'll have a hard time doing that again.  In fact I'll do just about anything I can to avoid it.  But it will probably become necessary sometime in the near future.  Now I'm off to research foods that would do me the most benefit with the least amount of digestive effort.   :)

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