Thursday, April 28, 2011

Living Without A Gallbladder

Years ago, I naively had my gallbladder removed after being told it was all that could be done.  Did you know that 20 million Americans have gallstones, and 750,000 of them have their gallbladders removed each year? And apparently it's big business.  About $2 billion is spent annually on gallbladder problems.

Of course, at the time of my gallbladder trouble, I had no idea that there were alternatives to curing this problem.  I was ignorant about the whole matter and found out too late.  How I wish I could have my little gallbladder back.  And shame on those doctors who routinely tell their patients that the gallbladder isn't really "necessary".   Doctors never discuss the after-effects of gallbladder surgery except to say that we'll be all well afterwards. But it doesn't take long to feel very betrayed  and unprepared for "life without a gallbladder."

Contrary to medical opinion the gallbladder is of use to the body. The gallbladder is a small sac underneath your liver that stores and secretes bile, a digestive fluid that breaks down fats. Gallstones actually are formed in the liver and get sloshed into the gallbladder during normal activity. Since bile is actually produced by the liver, it's possible to survive without a gallbladder, but not without unpleasant digestive tract complications. The gallbladder is like a pump. Without it, the liver can't secrete enough bile to properly digest a full meal. Symptoms like diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion, constipation, increased allergies, liver congestion, itchy skin, weight gain and autoimmune diseases are not uncommon.

I found the following suggestions to be of good help for those of us living without a gallbladder.  I have wondered for a long time why I've been having trouble with indigestion, weight gain, gas and bloating. I've been praying for the Lord to give me wisdom concerning these things and I believe he did by reminding me about my gall bladder.  I had not connected the dots because I had my gall bladder out over 10 years ago. But I've had these problems increasing in my life over those years slowly, so I believe I've identified the cause. 

I follow most of the suggestions below but it must not be enough because I still experience the same problems. So I'm going to add the ones I haven't done and see if it makes a difference. The ones I already do or have done are in bold. 

Here is what is recommneded:
  • Diet is extremely important. Eat low-fat, high fiber, organic and healthy.
  • Eliminate hydrogenated oils.
  • Parasite Cleanse - Two times a year do a six-week course of Para-Buster then maintenance for 3 weeks.
  • Liver Flush - Every four months. People without gallbladders may develop stones in the liver which will lead to a sluggish liver.
  • Digestive Enzymes - 3-5 capsules at least 15 minutes before each meal for the rest of your life.  This is in order to digest the good fats (Omega 3) which are essential for good health.
  • Reduce chemical overload on the liver (pre-packaged food, personal care products, lawn products, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Drink only filtered water - Try to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day.
  • Use a Probiotic - I recommend Latero-Flora or Primal Defense.
  • Reduce animal intake (meat and dairy) - When consuming animal products make sure they are free-range, organic and hormone-free.
  • Eliminate white sugar and white flour and refined carbohydrates.
  • Consume a green drink or pills equal to one-two tablespoons daily. Quantum Greens is a good choice.
  • Activated Charcoal - Some people have found that this helps with symptoms as it helps to sequester bile acid.
  • Chinese Bitters (Chinese Gentian with Bupleurum) in the morning and Coptis with Bupleurum at night to stimulate bile flow.
  • Exercise daily for 30 minutes. Walking is highly suggested.

    I am going to implement these things into my life and see if they will help my digestive system operate to its fullest and help to alleviate the troubles I've had since my gallbladder removal.

    So my gallbladder is gone...that is the past.  But I must move on and educate myself in getting healthy and feeling better.  It's good to remember that there are always solutions and always hope.  The Lord is so good and faithful.  I praise him for providing a means to deal with even foolish mistakes like this.  Hind sight's 20/20.  So if some doctor tries to tell you that you don't need your gall bladder (God doesn't create things we don't need! DUH!)  then walk quickly out the door and see a naturopath.  There ARE alternatives!

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