Monday, January 21, 2013

Aspartame: Embalming People from Within

Ladies, if you drink diet soft drinks or eat sugar-free foods, it is so worth the small amount of time it will take to watch this video. It might even save your life. 

The artificial sweetener aspartame is a dangerous chemical. A poison, actually.  Once inside your body it is converted into formaldehyde.  

The following video will familiarize you with some of the terrifying side-effects and health problems you could encounter if you consume products containing this chemical. Unfortunately, aspartame toxicity is not well-known by doctors, despite its frequency.  

I'm not into excluding entire food categories from my diet, like sweets.  But rather than risk my health, I stick with good ol' fashioned sweeteners - used in moderation - that have been used for centuries and are "whole" foods.  These include evaporated cane juice (natural sugar), honey, agave and molasses.  

Please watch:


DeNiece Barnes said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of information. I really did learn something new that I did not know about. As I said once before thank you for such a wonderful and encouraging blog. I always look forward to new post.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog this week. I am very interested in all of the great pieces of advice and bits of helpful information that I have found so far. I am enjoying reading your past posts and look forward to your future ones. Thank you for such an uplifting and womanly blog.