Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best Underarm Protection

I try to avoid using antiperspirants because of the aluminum and other caustic chemicals they contain. Skin that's been freshly shaved is more susceptible to absorption and that makes the perfect storm when it comes to using commercial deodorants and anti-perspirants. 

But when you are not a light sweater and odor wins out at the end of the day, the natural products don't seem to stand up under heavy demand.  So what's a girl to do?  For years I would succumb to using an  antiperspirant when I felt that odor protection was important, like in social situations when I was unwilling to risk the chance of deodorant failure.  

But I have found something that works even better and it couldn't be easier or more natural. You probably have some in your cupboard right now.  It's baking soda. Yes, the humble little orange box of white powder.  I put some in a little lidded container that I got from IKEA and pinch some out and rub onto clean underarms.  

A little bit of powder that floats to the floor is okay with me because baking soda is also a natural carpet deodorizer.  Save money from buying those chemical laden ones in the store and just use baking soda. The longer it sits the more odor it will absorb for you to vacuum up.

I've noticed this same principle with the baking soda as an underarm deodorant. It doesn't give out. I usually don't go a day without showering, but there are occasions, like going camping, when it's been a couple days and it is amazing how the original application of plain ol' baking soda still holds even days later.  No odor!

One word of caution, and that is that baking soda is a mild abrasive so over time it may cause slight chafing where your underarm creases.  I just use some silky talcum powder along with the baking soda when that happens and it clears right up.  

So for worry free, fool-proof, uninterrupted odor protection, bakings soda is a winner.  I think sea salt works, too, though I haven't tried it long term.  We have a small container of that in our bathroom too that we use for the netti pot and one day I used that by mistake and it worked! 

Don't you love how God made living naturally and healthfully easier than we tend to think? 


Jessica said...

Whenever I've tried natural baking soda-based deodorants, my underarm skin has turned red, crusty, flaked off, then had pus that formed a crusty layer until the skin grew back. It's really gross and painful (sorry if that's TMI!). I'll have to try the talcom powder tip. I never thought to try that, thanks for sharing!

Have you tried the "crystal" deodorant? I've had success with that with little sweating, but if I work out or am out in the sun and sweat a lot then it's not enough. Oh, what's a girl to do? :)

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thank you for sharing that, Jessica, I've never heard of that! You said it was from baking soda BASED deodorants, so I suspect there may have been a chemical ingredient that would cause the reaction. Have you ever tried just pure baking soda straight from the box?

Yes, I have tried the "crystal" deodorant but it did fail me in extreme sweating conditions. It comes in a liquid spray, too, which works a little better for me. I use it occasionally. I would think making your own salt water in a squirt bottle would be the same and cost just pennies a bottle. The spray is very convenient since you don't have to wet it like the crystal stick.

My husband uses the crystal stick and likes it. But I really think that underarm hair helps to offset body odor somehow. Because I've known a lot of women who think they "sweat harder" than their husbands which doesn't quite add up to me. I think it's the hair that makes the difference. I wish it weren't such a big deal in our culture for women to have shaved underarms. :(

You might want to try mixing up a concoction of baby powder and pure baking soda. If you get the same reaction, you might just have a skin sensitivity to baking soda.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

I use a blend of Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda), cornflour and coconut oil as a smooth paste and it is working perfectly! I keep it in a jar in the coolest part of the cupboard as it can liquify on a warm day.

It's roughly 4 parts coconut oil, 2 parts cornflour and 1 part baking soda. But feel free to play with the formula to suit your own taste and your own skin type.

While you can use pretty much any oil that you have in the pantry, I use coconut because it is excellent for the skin and smells wonderful!

Buy the best coconut oil you can, as some of the cheaper ones often don't smell great.

I have been using this for almost 2 years and it has worked a treat!


Simply Keeping Home said...

Wow, thanks for the recipe, Allan! I totally agree with you about using the best coconut oil. We buy extra virgin organic (now sold at Costco!).

I've heard of using corn starch in deodorant recipes, but I'm not familiar with the use of corn flower. Could you share why that is your preference? Thanks again for your input!

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