Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Brand New Year

Baby New Year is here - 2015! We have already been so busy this year! Our teens just finished competing in a 4 day state wide Speech and Debate tournament. My husband arranged his work schedule so he could be with us. The temperatures and weather were icy and freezing every morning so it was a bit of a treacherous trek to get to and from the tournament each day. But the Lord kept us safe and we made it without incident every day. Truly praising the Lord for that because there were a lot of accidents both in and out of vehicles. Some of the people at the tournament were slipping and falling on the ice just walking around.

So my honey bear not only drove us there and back each day in his 4 wheel drive truck, but he stayed and helped judge the rounds all day every day with me! We actually won prizes at the awards ceremony last night for being among the four people who judged the most rounds (33 between us!).

We were so proud of our kids for their hard work and efforts. They broke in the first set of outrounds but didn't make it to semi-finals. However they handled it with such grace and dignity! I am bursting with respect and love for them. They are winners in my book for that! I think they will do much better by the next tournament as they hone their speaking skills and refine their contentions.

We hosted a tournament family of 3 from out of town during the tournament also, which made things run a little tighter than they would have been on the home front, but I'm glad we could help. We gave them our older son's room (all cleaned out and ready for their luggage and stuff), a couch in the living room and the main bathroom all to themselves.

Our sons doubled up in my younger son's room and my older slept in a sleeping bag on the floor and they never complained once. In the wee hours of 5am each day, they came into my husband's and my room and we watched the news and took turns getting ready in the master bathroom. It felt very much the same as when we stay in a hotel since we were all together in one room trying to get ready and share a bathroom. I liked it because it is one of those things that ends up bonding us closer. :) I love my family!

Next I am going to try have a game night party for my younger son whose birthday is this month.

I thought life was busy when they were little and now I'm feeling like that was a cake walk compared to the business of their teen years. Or maybe it's just that I'm older and slower? Or a combination of both? I don't know. What I do know is that I love them more every day and they are worth every effort I can give. :-)

I've got some definite plans and goals I want to reach this year — fitness goals, travel plans, anniversary hopes, tournament wins, and more. Each one I leave in the Lord's hands for his direction and guidance with. But I am excited for the new year. I LOVE new beginnings!

How about you? Are you excited about the new year? Do you like new beginnings or are you more of a status quo type? I love hearing what's on your heart.


deniecebarnes said...

Glad to know that you had a wonderful and joyous start to the new year my dear sister. You have truly been missed in blog land. I too have been busy with my family and this pass year was so busy, busier then other years but now my family and I are looking forward to the spring time this year Lord willing I am looking to do a little more traveling with my belove family and continuing to teach my children God word. I look forward to when the days and nights get warm so we can sit outside on the deck and read from our Bibles. I love when the new year comes in, we are so grateful for God blessing us to see another year. One that we have never seen before with great joy. .

Simply Keeping Home said...

Hi DeNiece! I was so excited to get your comment :) I check your blog often for new posts. I couldn't find it today, though - have you moved it?

I'm so excited about Spring coming, too. I am from the NW and I"m used to springtime peeping around in early march. But where we live now, I have had to be patient for it, as it doesn't really show up until closer to May! Someday we might move back home, but for now I'm trying to focus on enjoying the adventure. :)

I love the imagery you gave of reading your Bibles on the porch outside — lovely! We do that too! :) I hope you will be in blog land again, soon, too!

Simply Keeping Home said...

Oops, nevermind DeNiece, I found your blog! ;)