Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A TV Mother To Admire

There are many, many tv shows to choose from. Many, many tv "family shows" with tv mothers. But I have not seen a single one that was really worth admiring until I found the Donna Reed Show. This little gem of a sit-com stands heads and shoulders above the crowd of all other family shows, in my opinion. To me, there's the Donna Reed Show and everything else. It's that good.

In this show, Donna plays a very devoted and very loving housewife and mother. She is unashamedly respectful to her husband and that alone is awesome to watch. She is loving yet disciplinary to her children and runs her home with efficiency and grace. She displays a generous heart that's too big for her body. She's kind to neighbors, hospitable to guests, generous to the down-hearted, yet she's given a real enough quality that demonstrates her weak sides, too. She's not "perfect". She's just admirable in a way that any loving wife and mother can relate to and admire. I find the graceful way that she approaches life quite inspiring. Now if they'd also made them a Christian family, it would be nearly perfect.

I also enjoy her old fashioned 1950's house and decor. I love her little letter desk by the stairs where she conducts all her business like opening mail, writing letters, paying bills and taking/making phone calls. I love the cheery back patio where they sometimes have meals or a glass of lemonade.

This show is a just a pleasure to watch and really the only show I can think of that I recommend whole-heartedly to anyone. Especially mothers. Things I don't like are the way they portray the siblings sometimes with the typical "sibling rivalry". But even this aspect is mild and often overturned when they are shown devoted to one another or making each other laugh.

I just wish I'd known about this great show when I was a young mother raising my kids. It would have had a much better influence on me than I Love Lucy! :-) The Lucy's are funny and I still enjoy them for their comic relief, but as for admirable wives and mothers, Lucy doesn't make the cut.

No, for my money, if you're going to watch a family sitcom, Donna is the one to watch.

Have any of you watched the Donna Reed Show? Where I live, it is on a station called ME TV in the morning. The series is also available for purchase on Amazon. I've bought three seasons. Does Donna inspire you, too? I'd love to hear your comments!


Linda said...

I also love Donna Reed shows.
They are on early in the morning here. My husband has recorded several for me.
I love how even when she is cleaning, she looks very nice.
On one show, it caught my attention, when the daughter announces she wants them to meet her new boy-friend and she is so nervous.She asks for her mother to look especially nice and not wear slacks.
My, how times have changed.

DeNiece Barnes said...

I love the Donna Reed show as well. I like the fact that the husband works from home as a Pediatrician but she only disturbs him when bringing him tea or coffee. My favorite espisode was the Christmas one called a Very Merry Christmas. It showed her home decorated very simple but elegant and pretty. Also it showed and talked about giving more then receiving. I love her show. I watch it on Hulu sometimes but it comes on here at 1 am on TV One so I have to use the DVR to record it. I saw your comment on my blog about who won the giveaway. I will post soon about who won because I have already sent her things to her right before Christmas. I have just been so busy. I pray you have a blessed rest of the week dear friend

Janel said...

I was born in 1961, so I was around when The Donna Reed Show was on, although I was too young to appreciate it. I too watch it everyday on MeTV! I have always loved Donna Reed...a beautiful example to mothers! I wish more women would use Donna Reed as an example, sadly, I'm sure they don't :( Thank you for bringing us back to better times :) Janel in NJ

Anonymous said...

Love The Donna Reed show!! I haven't watched it in awhile but she is very inspiring, always makes me WANT to do the laundry ha!

Simply Keeping Home said...

How fun to hear that I'm not the only one who loves the Donna Reed Show! You all mentioned things that I notice and love about that show. She makes me want to decorate 1950's-60's style, too. It was such a simple, elegant and functional decor. I LOVE that little game table just off the entry. I love how patient and wise she was. She exampled how homemaking was not only a necessity but an art. I love the Christmas episode, too! And how she had gifts (fruitcake) wrapped and ready by her front door to give to those in her community if they stopped by. Just love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Simply Keeping Home,
This year, we switched to a cable provider and I can record t.v. shows now, so I heeded your advice and started recording Donna Reed. I watch the first episode last week about her daughter dating a young boy who was headed off to the army and then she realized that he was a famous musician! The show was very sweet, it is so nice to see this type of strong family structure modeled on t.v. beings it's so rare nowadays. I do hope that the next episode I catch will have more specifics about Donna's character, maybe showing her having displaying the joyous and submissive characteristics that every describes here. Thank you for the great recommendation. Take care, Crystal from younggodlywomen

Simply Keeping Home said...

Hi Crystal, I'm glad you stopped by today! The character Donna plays is very real and so is the family which is one of the many good qualities about the show. The family has ups and downs but always at the core is a loving home where life is ironed out and challenges overcome. I'm sure as you watch more episodes you'll be inspired by the way she respects her husband and takes good care of her family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and may God bless your day!

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