Friday, September 16, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

The crisp and colorful days of autumn are almost here! I just love fall. The aroma's are so enthralling. In fact, I can almost smell the smoky roof tops!  Why am I talking about fall when the title of this post is about Christmas? Because now is the time to start preparing for the holidays by making homemade gifts!  Homemade gifts my favorite but they do take some time and planning. 
I love giving and recieving gifts hot homemade bread and jars of preservers.   A freshly baked loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, apple strudel, cinnamon buns, or even a basket of blueberry muffins are great gifts that the people use, enjoy and appreciate.  Other goodies include framed scriptures, glass-bead jewelry and homemade herbal products like facial scrubs, bath salts, medicinal syrups, tinctures and small potted herbs.
Here are some great themed gift baskets ideas. A wonderful way to give meaningful gifts!

Merry Marriage Basket
A couple of scented candles
Box of chocolates
Imported cheese
Box of good crackers
Bottle of Wine
2 Wine glasses

Basket of snacks
Jar of homemade hot mustard
Jar of honey mustard
Jar of sauerkraut
Jar of pickled turnips or pickles
A few tins of Sardines
Toasty seed crackers
Tin of homemade cookies

Basket of Health
Bilberry Tonic
Sleep Sweet Tonic
Sore Muscle Rub
Chapped skin salve
Spicy Tea blends and a mug.

Comfort Basket
Bath Salt Blend
Massage Oil
Skin Salve
Tea and Mug

A Treat Basket
2 or 3 small jars of homemade Jams
Whipped Honey Butter
A fresh loaf of Wheat bread
Fresh loaf of Banana Bread
Cookies or Brownies
Tea blends and a mug

Spending money on store bought Christmas gifts has it's place and is really appropriate if there's an actual need to fill, such as a musical instrument, baseball bat, electronic gadget, etc. But isn't it wonderful to get our families together and give from our talents and hearts?

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Diana said...

What wonderful ideas. My mind is already working on who gets what this year now ;-)

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