Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cherishing the Love of My Husband

I am going to ooze all over my blog today because of my loving husband.  Only my husband could make steadiness sexy and quiet strength an aphrodisiac. I am so in love with my husband. Is he perfect? Um, no.  But am I? (Even more of a no!)  But we have joy and love and hope and strength through holy matrimony.

We just celebrated another wedding anniversary and he presented me with sweet gifts. I had a bad cold that week and during the days prior, was unable to think clearly much less prepare for our special day.  I pleaded with him to postpone everything till next week, but he persisted with his romantic pursuit of me. 

He presented me with the sweetest card, a dozen beautiful roses and some thoughtful gifts. What a wonderful man.  I am so blessed. I write this to encourage every woman reading this.  I could have easily pushed my husband away with many gripes along our journey together.  There have been many things I could have torn my house down over.  But ladies, sweetly being my husband's help meet is worth every "sacrifice" I've made, every word I bit my tongue over, every mountain we've climbed and valley we've walked. 

I don't say this because of material possessions- it is because of my husband's love poured upon me.  It is sweet indeed to be cherished by a man.  My husband's promise to be with me till death is so profoundly beautiful and meaningful to me.  No one else in my life - not my friends, not my relatives - have given me a promise like that. 

Only my husband. Like Ruth, Esther and Sarah, I have left all I have known and walked faithfully by my husband's side.  And my joy is full.  Don't listen to people - listen to the Lord.  He created you for your husband.  Too many marriages are in trouble.  Too many marriages lack joy and passion.  The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Don't let him have yours! 

Anyway, here are the card and flowers he gave me.  He also got me a vintage book I've been wanting called "Mama's Bank Account" and a new calligraphy pen.  So thoughtful! 

Aren't those beautiful?!  Usually, he gives me red roses, but the store was all out of red so he got yellow.  I'm overjoyed to have them because they are a symbol of his love for me.  I remember years ago how foolish I was when he'd get me flowers.  I'd say he shouldn't have, we couldn't afford it and things like that. How dumb could I be?  I didn't see anymore flowers for a long time.  When God finally worked the foolishness out of me, I repented to my sweet husband. If my husband wants to show me his love with extravagant flowers what a wonderful way to "waste" money!  :)  Praise God for the work he's done in our marriage.  It was never "bad" by any means.  But honey, let me tell you - it's extraordinary now.  All from yielding up my plans to God. 

The card made he gave me made me cry.  (Tears of joy of course.)  It said:

All I want
is to love you for the rest of my life...
to wake up every morning
with you by my side
knowing that no matter what happens,
I'll be able to come home to your loving arms
All I want is to share everything with you...
to talk to you about our ideas,
our dreams, the little everyday things that make us laugh;
and the no-so-little things that we can't help worrying about.
All I want is to give you my love...
as a place you can always come to for acceptance
or the simple comfort that silence brings
when things left unspoken can still be understood.
All I want is to grow old with you...
to watch our life unfold, our dreams, one by one, come true.
All I want is to love you forever.

Then his personal note to me:
My love, for __ years I have fallen more in Love with you.  I am so very blessed to have you a part of my life.  Please stay with me always and keep me young at heart. 
I love you Passionately,

Now..wouldn't that make you cry?  :)   I've kept every card he's ever given me.  This one has to be one of the most special.  What a wonderful man. (sigh)   I'm sharing this passionate love that has blossomed in my marriage to encourage you.  True love, fidelity, passion and fun in marriage IS possible. And it is even more wonderful than movie romance, because true love is REAL.

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