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Why Homeschool?

My husband and I know a family who is considering homeschooling their son. He's only 3 right now, but we have encouraged them that it's never too soon to decide. In fact, the sooner the better because you can begin planning and researching all the things there are to learn about home education before it is suddenly upon you and you feel panicked about how to begin.

What many parents who go the route of government (public) schools don't seem to realize is that, assuming their children aren't punching a daycare clock 40 hours a week, they're already homeschooling. Good parenting and homeschooling are the same thing. 

I cannot comprehend why any Christian family thinks it's a good idea to hand their children over to strangers 40 + hours per week. And 40 hours is a conservative estimate. The reality for many children, after packing back packs, waiting for and riding a bus (round trip), homework (designed to reduce precious family time), and the many school functions, 50+ hours is probably more accurate.

Some families rationalize that their private schools are better. But the truth is that these merely emulate public schools in nearly every aspect except for illegalizing God and prayer. But the key issue remains that the child is spending nearly all his time away from home in company other than who God intended and authorized - their family. Specifically, their parents.

In private schools, the influences from other kids, even though they have the "christian" label, is still there. To opt for a Christian School still does not compare in the least to the rich care that a loving mother can offer her own children at home.

Been There, Done That

I was home schooled myself until 9th grade. It's something I am very grateful for. Public high school was like wading through a thick soup of Sodom and Gomorrah. And I did not emerge unscathed. But as children, we are all the recipient of our parents choices, good or bad. 

Our children are the same.

We are writing an un-erasable story on the blank pages of our children's lives. Their youth is something that can never, ever be retrieved. The majority of parents today are letting strangers, people who could never love them as much as their parents, write on most of the blank pages of their children's lives. 

 And the story is disgraceful.

Homeschooling, simply put, is a major part of taking good and proper care of your own children.

Homeschooling is feeding the minds, bodies and souls of the precious souls in our charge.

Homeschooling provides healthy home cooked meals.

Homeschooling includes instruction in God's laws and nurturing experiences within the safe boundaries of the family.

Homeschooling is picnics, reading together and snuggling in the morning instead of running to catch a bus.

Homeschooling is learning how to live in real life. I can think of nothing more artificial than the classroom environment.

Homeschooling is exploring history from a Godly perspective, praying openly and often, and freely pursuing God-given talents.

But perhaps most importantly homeschooling is being a family.

Children are a sponge

They are constantly soaking up everything around them. What are public schooled kids soaking up for the majority of their day in their parent's absence? Humanism, immorality, defiance, deviance, profanity, rebellion, disrespect to name just a few.

God-Given Teachers
God gave every child built-in teachers from birth - their parents. Think about all the teaching that is credited to parents in the first few years of life - how to clap, smile, wave, sing, laugh, talk, walk, eat, wash, drink from a cup and use a toilet just to name a few!

So why then, all of a sudden, when a child turn 5 years old, do parents abruptly feel compelled to give up their children to strangers.  Where does the compulsion originate - from within or out? It comes from without. Our society and culture has ingrained it into us and it's been reinforced through government, television, books and movies.

But what is the truth? Is the public school model found or supported anywhere in God's Word?  

It is so abnormal for a parent to hand over a child to an institution to raise, teach and train.

Think About It
If these things never occurred to you, I encourage you to think about it. Could it be that you have been deceived?  There are very few feelings as awful as realizing that you've been deceived.

The real question isn't why should you homeschool? The real question is why wouldn't you homeschool? Finances? You can be very poor financially and still homeshool, so economics aren't a real reason. And with determination and ingenuity you can even be a single mother and homeschool. It is being done. (For help, contact

So why DO parents send their children to government (public) school?

So many excuses float around - socialization, academics, sports. But is it really to learn the three R's and make "friends"?

This simply can't be the real reason because these godless prisons we call public schools are churning out reprobates who can't spell correctly but know plenty about immoral behavior, profanity, promiscuity, substance abuse and humanism.

The public school brand of socialization is the reason that "school" and "shooting" are now a bizarre yet familiar phrase. Teen suicide rates are at an all time high, more than any other group of people combined. A must read: The Socialization Trap.

The Public School Deception

Many parents have really fallen for the lie that a kid can't learn without being taught by a "professional". It's a good thing that Albert Einstein's mother didn't believe this lie or we might not have gotten E=MC2. Also Lincoln, Leonardo De Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The shocking and repulsive truth I've discovered is that, for many families, the real reason for sending their children away from home is to get rid of them for a while... in the name of education.

Training up children properly anymore has become a rare quality in a parent. 

 Many parents are the product of broken homes and working mothers and by the time they have children of their own, they're ill prepared to raise children. So they are eager to hand them over to the "pros". Only what many parents don't realize is that truly loving a child makes you a 'pro', no matter what your background or lack of skill.

Here's what I think: the world's philosophy of "positive affirmation", calling old fashioned spanking "hitting" and parking kids in front of televisions and video games has turned many children into little monstrous tyrants. And when they turn 5 or 6, their parents are anxious to unload them. This may sound harsh, but it's the unfortunate and ugly truth.

Have You Been Deceived?

The very nature of deception is a lack of knowledge, wisdom or understanding (or a cocktail of all three). I know there are many good, loving, Christian parents who have simply been deceived. Their thinking is...

"this is just the way it's done. My parents' parents' parents went to school, so my kids will, too."
But in reality, compulsory education is a very short lived tradition of the last century. Parents educating their own children at home has been going on since creation began.

How else could God's people, the Hebrews, teach their children God's laws "when they sat in their house, and when they walked by the way, when they lied down, and when they rose up" if they'd sent their children off to government institutions?

Hitler once said,

"If you tell a lie big enough, loud enough and long enough, people will believe it".
It's time for people to realize (admit) that public schools are not education facilities anymore. It is up to each of us to seek the truth and not stop until we find it. The bible says that wisdom is crying out in the streets. Do you hear it?  

Every single one of us must be humble before God and seek his forgiveness, redemption and mercy that is being offered new every day and then seek the Lord with all our hearts. He promises to lead and guide us. Our job is to believe and follow him and ignore the opposing voices. The voices that say public school is natural are LYING voices.

The Big Lie: send your kids away from home so they can be socialied and learn academics (and be babysat until they're an adult - for free!).

The Truth: send your kids away from home to hand them over to Satan where they will learn everything BUT academics. Any "good" you've done will be swiftly undone. The child's loyalty will shift from you (family) to his "school family" (teachers & "friends").

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame. - 1 Corinthians 15:33

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