Saturday, June 7, 2014

Clearing the Clutter

We're having a garage/yard sale today and hoping to get rid of lots of stuff we don't need anymore. It is a LOT of work to gather, categorize, price and display so much stuff. It's also difficult to part with some things that you wish you could keep but simply don't have room for. There's a whole box of stuff I kept back for selling on Amazon and a few baby books that I thought I'd tuck away into the kids' baby boxes.

I think whatever is left over from the sale we'll offer for free to friends before heading to the Good Will donation center.

It's been forecasted to thunderstorm this afternoon and all I can think about is having enough tarps to run and cover anything that is exposed on the driveway or yard.  It's been hailing all week here as big as nickels.  In some areas the hail was baseball sized and broke all the windshields on the cars in a new car lot!

Our weekend is looking to be nice and cozy though. I enjoy spending it with my family and doing things like this that we can all work on together. The kids always have fun being "cashiers" and salesmen. :)

Make it a blessed weekend!

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