Monday, June 2, 2014

Alternatives to Ibuprofin

My son was scheduled to get braces on his teeth last week and after doing a little research, I was dismayed to learn that there were health risks. It never occurred to me that there could be something to be concerned aboutbecause they are so "common".

The metals in orthodontic appliances is a major concern, but there were other dangers, too. The clock was ticking and I soon wanted to back out of the whole thing.  So, the night before the orthodontic appointment, I called a family meeting and proceeded to read aloud everything I'd recently discovered about the risks from having braces. Root resorption, metal poisoning, toxic shock, tooth loss, gum diseases, decay and even death.

My husband and sons listened with mounting sobriety as I read for a good 15 minutes. I hoped that they would agree that the braces weren't worth the risks involved.  Even though my son's braces have been deemed medically necessary (due to a birth defect) I hoped he would see that his teeth, while not perfect, are at least healthy and they do what they're supposed to do. Plus he had no cavities or other dental caries. Did he really want to risk it?

To my great disappointment, he said yes he did. Ug! My husband was ambivalent but finally agreed that it would probably be okay and that we could try our best to offset the adversities as best we can. I knew the "our best" really meant "my best" as this would fall in my jurisdiction.

I prayed for strength and wisdom. And the next day I took him to get the braces put on. The technician that assisted the Doctor was nice and when she found out my son was homeschooled, cheerfully declared that she had been, too - K-12! That was a happy coincidence.

All went well at his appointment and when we got home, I gave him some capsulated bentonite clay with a large glass of water to combat the problem with the metal exposure. Bentonite clay has the amazing ability to soak up and absorb heavy metals from the body.  So that will be his protocol for the duration of the orthodontic treatment. First thing in the morning he'll swallow the clay capsules with a tall glass of water and wait an hour before eating. That way it's done and out of the way for the day.

Now to the ibuprofen alternative! It was suggested we give him some ibuprofen for the soreness and swelling he would probably be feeling soon after they were installed.  I am not a fan of ibuprofen so I looked into something more natural. After a little investigation, I was so happy to have an effective remedy. And conveniently enough, I had what I needed right in my kitchen cupboard!

Do you know there is a common kitchen spice that has been shown to be just as effective at reducing inflammation and pain as ibuprofen but with none of the ill side effects?  In fact, it's actually good for you. You probably have some in your spice cupboard, too. Turmeric! Turmeric is that orange colored spice that is commonly used in indian cooking.  I immediately filled up some empty capsules and gave him two of turmeric and two of Valerian with his lunch. Valerian is a wonderful herb that has calming properties. The two together took care of his pain and made him much more comfortable. I gave him the same dose again at dinner time. (Turmeric is great for any inflammation issues.)

While I'm not crazy about the orthodontic treatment, I'm so thankful for the benefits of herbs and clay.  They are amazing natural substances that we can utilize for better health and pain management!


Tricia said...

I knew about the dangers of decay with orthodontics from personal experience, but did not know about the metal issues. My son was able to do phase 1 of his orthodontics with a Schwartz appliance. I am grateful because we were able to take it out easily and cleaning the mouth was a breeze! Phase 2 will be with a few upper brackets. Thank you for the tip about the benonite clay and alternatives to Ibuprophen! Your blog is such a blessing to me!

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thanks so much, Tricia!!
I had to google what a Schwartz appliance is! Never heard of it! :-) They sound like a wonderful alternative to the permanent kind. I will ask our orthodontist if that is an option for my son.

Jessica said...

I had braces before I started getting into health and wellness. Before I had braces I almost never had headaches. Maybe once or twice a year, and they were always mild. Ever since I had braces, I have headaches almost all the time. If I wash my hair and go outside and get even the slightest chill, I get a headache. If I drink something cold, headache. My teeth weren't all that bad to begin with. Now they are straight, but I'm in pain several days a week. My kids would have to have pretty darn terrible teeth for me to consider braces for them!

Peppermint essential oil (diluted in a carrier oil and rubbed where it hurts, not taken internally) helps with pain for me.

Simply Keeping Home said...

Jessica, I am so sorry to hear about the headaches, how frustrating! I would definitely suspect that you have lingering heavy metal poisoning. You could clear them out of your body completely by taking bentonite clay.
In the meantime, a very effective herb that is particularly effective at relieving headaches is Feverfew. We just bought some at our Local health store in capsules and they really work for us.
But I'd get that metal out of your system because if left too long, it can lead to "mysterious" illnesses (MS, lupus, parkinsons to name a few). God bless!

Jessica said...

Good to know! I will have to pick up some bentonite clay and feverfew! Thank you!

Jessica said...

Wait, what about activated charcoal? I have a bottle of that already. Will that help?

Simply Keeping Home said...

Actually, activated charcoal does not absorb metals. It binds well to most inorganic minerals, such as sodium, iron, lead, arsenic, fluorine, and boric acid, and iodine. It's use is mainly for poisoning emergencies.
But for the heavy metal detoxing, bentonite clay will be your best friend.

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