Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cleaning and Organizing

Every few months I have to pull apart my cupboards and reorganize them.  After so many trips to wholesale clubs and grocery stores, the bags, boxes and cans getting shoved into storage, I reach a point where I don't know what items I have anymore.

When I take the time to get them organized, I can tell just what I have, what is about to expire and what I need to stock up on. So my food pantry went from this:

to this...

Next was my baking cupboard.  I had really let this one get messy and it needed the overhaul badly.  So it went from this:

to this

I think, as women, cleaning out the 'cupboards' of our hearts regularly is important for the same reasons. We need to clean out old feelings or worries that are lurking around in there. We need to salvage and nurture the little hopes of our hearts that are in danger of "expiring".

We need to make the time for these things and know that they are worthwhile endeavors that will yield us great rewards.  My kitchen is in better shape now and ready for me to use and it didn't take me very long because I do it regularly. About every two months I clear one shelf at a time and wipe it down with vinegar and replace each item in the best way possible. 

When I "clean out my heart" I begin by getting alone with the Lord and reading my bible and praying. The holy Spirit knows what is burdening me and makes intercession for me to my father in heaven.  We can ask the Lord to show us any hidden areas we may not be aware of that need healing or repentance.  Time alone with the Lord is cleaning out the closets of our hearts and it doesn't take much time when we do it regularly.   :)

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