Monday, July 21, 2014

Random Things About Me

  1. I drink coffee but I sometimes think I shouldn't. I worry about the calcium it might be leaching from my bones. But, alas, coffee I love. Black or with a dab of whole milk. Or mocha-fied. Iced or hot. But never with "cream and sugar". Yuck. To me, if you put sugar in your coffee, you don't like coffee. 
  2. I believe in getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I'm usually sleeping by 10pm and up around 6am. 
  3. If I could choose one era in time to live in for life, I'd choose 1950. 
  4. I love crafts. I have craft supplies for beading, scrapbooking, painting, wood crafts, knitting and sewing crafts. My problem is that I rarely make the time to do any crafts! Thinking about hosting a crafting party soon.
  5. I used to be painfully shy. But I decided in my late teens - early twenties to try and be more outgoing. Still, I have to "force myself" to engage in conversations with others. I'd much rather  be a wall flower. 
  6. I dream of living on Vashon island in the Pacific Northwest (described so lovingly and humorously by Betty MacDonald) and running a cute little coffee and sandwich shop with my husband.  I see myself wearing a wide brimmed sun hat and digging for clams, boating, and putzing around town on bikes in the summer with my wonderful husband. And lighting snugly fires and cuddling up for cozy dinners in the winter.  Having family for the holidays and weekends and feeding everybody. 
  7. I love playing Freecell on the computer. Once I discovered I could win every game, it has become my favorite. It's great when I need a mental break because I when I'm playing, I can only think of black on red and ace through king! So it's an instant relaxer for me.
  8. I love to decorate and I decorate other peoples homes in my head. Ironically, I feel like the most uncreative person in that arena and so boring. I am never fully sure if something looks good or not in my own home. I constantly doubt and wonder how anyone ever knows just where to put something in their own house! But still —  I love to decorate! :)
  9. I love to laugh and on occasion, if I think of or remember something hilarious, I will laugh out loud. On the flip side, I've been known to cry on the spot if I recall a painful memory for too long. 
  10. The longer I live, the more intensely I dislike being out of the city. My idea of getting away from it all is a quiet spot on an ocean beach. For me, there is nowhere so nice as the ocean and salt air. Some people are captivated by the mountains, some by a river or late, but when I'm there all I can think about is where the bears might be hiding and when the next mosquito will strike! Someone raised on a farm might feel similarly about a city environment. I was raised in the suburbs of one of the biggest cities in America so the urban jungle is routine territory. And while I understand big cities and feel pretty familiar in them, I do prefer the suburbs. What can I say? I like sidewalks and trimmed, green lawns. Someone has to! :)
  11. I've never been in a play or acted before, but my husband thinks if I ever tried, I'd be a natural. I can see why some actors say they are shy in real life. Acting seems like a fun creative outlet. For the record, I would only ever consider acting in a way that honors the Lord.  So if the Kendrick brothers ever come knocking, who knows?
  12. I've ridden an elephant. I was about 10 years old so all I remember was being HIGH up and the seat was very wide. Fun experience though!
Chime in. Anything randomly interesting about you?

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