Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Take Your Vitamins

I recently ordered the CD, DVD and book of Dead Doctors Don't Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach and I am learning so much! If you've never heard of him (I hadn't until now) he is a beacon of light for anyone who is plagued by health problems.  He began his career as a Veterinarian which gave him the idea that if diet and minerals could cure a host of animal disorders, the same would be true for humans.

For example, he found that adding the trace element Selenium to the diet of animal infants nearly eliminated sudden infant death syndrome among them. When comparing the rate for human infants, SIDS was prevalent among formula fed babies. Guess what mineral is absent in most formulas? He also found that Selenium was imperative for the prevention of hemorrhaging aneurisms.  The young athletes in the news dropping dead from heart failure could have been prevented with a simple dose of selenium.

His observations as a Vet led to the conclusion that we all need 90 essential minerals, vitamins and fatty acids every single day in order to live healthfully and ward off disease.

He also talked about vegans and vegetarians. I remember years ago when I fell for the meat-less diet lie. It nearly ruined my health! It's a well established fact that long term diets without animal meat are dangerous. The people who follow them are also never as healthy as meat eaters because they lack the essential minerals and vitamins that meat provides which the body requires for healthy organ function. Steve Jobs is a recent example. He was the richest man in the world and hired 5 star chefs to make him delicious, nutrient deficient vegan meals. And he died of pancreatic cancer - totally caused by a lack of essential minerals and vitamins. So sad!

We need 100% nutrition in order to be healthy,  but most of us don't know that we aren't and can't get all the nutrients we need from diet alone. Farmers no longer follow God's direction to let the ground rest every seven years. They aren't rotating crops and enriching the soil. Most mainstream food does not have enough of the necessary nutrition, so we must supplement.

Did you know that the popular baby food brands offer only 20% of the necessary nutrition that a growing baby actually needs? Twenty percent!! If I had it over to do, I'd have given my babies liquid nutrition supplements. Every baby who isn't given vitamin/mineral supplements to make up for the deficiency in their food is actually malnourished and that leads to all kinds of disorders and disease.

Right now my family is taking supplements we buy from various places - Amazon, Sprouts, Natural Grocers (Vitamin Cottage) and Costco.  But Dr. Wallach has a whole line of products called "Youngevity" (which he receives no profit from) but they are a bit pricier, so I haven't ordered any yet, but I do plan to. (No I'm not a distributor or have any connection with them, I just think they look like good products!) I can't wait to get my hands on them though. :)

Another fascinating thing that I learned from his research is that ALL birth defects can be corrected and eliminated through correct mineral and vitamin intake alone. I am learning more about this and thought I'd share and encourage you all to do your own research and find out how to give yourself and your family more nutrition. Don't listen to anyone who says you can get it all through your food. It simply isn't true anymore.

I've always given my family vitamin and herbal supplements but now that I know how essential it is, I have been much more consistent.  And we've all noticed quite a difference in how we feel when we miss our vitamins and EFA's. Just the other day, I was feeling a little blue. Almost lethargic. Suddenly I realized I'd forgotten to take my vitamins that afternoon. Within the hour of taking them I was back to feeling like my normal self.  I'm thankful to the Lord for his wisdom and direction!


Tricia said...

I take quite a few vitamins: whole foods multi, green supplement, curcumin, kelp, tart cherry extract, magnesium, D3, fermented cod liver oil, selenium and resveratrol. I also add a few herbs to my daily smoothie. It's VERY expensive, but I know it's cheaper than one trip to the doctor's office. You are so right--food and soil is no where near where it should be! I really enjoy reading your blog!

Simply Keeping Home said...

Tricia your supplements are all such good choices! Thanks so much for sharing! :-)