Sunday, July 6, 2014

Extra Time Today

It's going to be a hot day today - mid 90's! - and my husband and sons will be splashing and playing at a humongous water park for some guy time.  Which means that I have the house to myself! :-)

And I have big plans to get organized. Last night I printed out a new master grocery list and pantry staples list. I found great free printables at They are editable so I was able to remove items I don't buy like diapers, dog food, and add in some items that weren't listed like printer paper and herb capsules. They even alphabetize their lists! Love that!

Next, I made a list of my family's all time favorite dinners and divided them into Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. So I will be using the master meals list along with the master grocery list to plan out some meals and a shopping list.

I think the biggest homemaking hurdle for me is meal planning. Everyone's lives really revolve around food. For the wealthy it's just a matter of personal chefs and dining at a restaurant.

But for the rest of us commoners, it's a little different! :) I find it quite challenging to plan, shop and prepare three meals per day 7 days a week. If you take out the healthy part, I guess it's not so hard. But filling the belly is not the only goal. It must be nutritious. And budget friendly! Then on top of all of that, I would like to have time for my other responsibilities and hobbies. So less time in the kitchen is tagged on at the end. That is one tall order.  :)

I have heard of once a month cooking and it seems great, but all of work and planning involved makes my head spin. I've seen the pictures of people doing it and my kitchen is just not big enough to do all that's required.

Homemaking flows is hard work! But that isn't to say it's not wonderful work. I wouldn't want any other! But I think this generation is missing out. I feel the loss of a time when it was common for generations of families to live under one roof.  Like the Waltons - remember that show?  Grandma and Grandpa lived with their son's family and their calming presence was like a sweet balm to the family. They usually had some sage wisdom and a helping hand, too. How wonderful that must be.

I pray that I'll have the opportunity to be around for my grandchildren and maybe when my husband and I are older, we might be welcomed to come live with one of our children and be that wise, elderly presence! Oh how I pray that!

Well that was a rabbit trail from my original intent on this post!

Anyhooo...! :)  I'm off to make my lists and get my shopping done. Hopefully I'll have a little time left over to put my feet up and read a little!

Hope you have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to be able to see your blog again.

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