Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween — Evangelism at Your Door

For years my family has been like most Christians at Halloween — we simply avoided it.  We turned of the porch lights, the front room lights and even posted a sign saying "No tricks or treats".  Halloween and all it's gruesome origins represent is evil and should be avoided.

However, Ray Comfort (Living Waters ministry) introduced a different approach to Halloween - evangelism. After all, you've got heathens coming right up to your door every year — why not turn the devil's day on its head and spread the gospel?  Why indeed. So that's just what we did last year.

It was quite an different experience keeping our lights on, buying bulk candy and most importantly, stocking up on great tracts. We took turns answering the door and simply said hello, smiled and put the tracts and the candy in each bag. A bit of a weak approach if you ask me, but we're just starting out. :-)

I hope that this year we'll be bolder and speak more as we have opportunity.

We bought two sets of tracts from Living Waters this year that were specially designed for Halloween. I think they are great and I hope you'll consider, as we did, reaching out to the lost who will be coming to your door in a couple of weeks.  Unless you live in the boonies like we did a few years ago and then no one came to our door which was nice, too.  If you want to to get these special tracts, they are sold on  There is still time to order them and get them before Halloween! We also love Chick tracts, especially This Was Your Life. Very effective and powerful presentation of the gospel!

Be bold in your faith and in speaking to others about their eternal destination.

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