Monday, July 25, 2011

So Grateful For My Husband

As women, we are prone to emotions that toss us to and fro, hormones that can make us feel like holding onto a chair to keep our world from spinning out of control and responsibilities that make being President of the United States seem like an easier job. I believe it's super important to know your make up so that we can be on guard for becoming out of balance.

Being married and keeping the home can sometimes give us tunnel vision. It can be easy to forget what started it all in the first place. Good, strong, happy marriages are not accidental, they are delieberate. We must remind ourselves often of the wonderful blessing that God has given us in our husbands. Seek to shower him with all the love that God has shown to you.

The Lord has been gracious to us with his tender mercies. We must always remember that and then let that love overflow onto others. The first one in line for that love is our husbands and then our children. Write him little love notes, poetry, songs. Reminisce together of your courtship, your wedding, your honeymoon. Continue making new memories that will be just as sweet and dear to you in years to come.

Have you thanked the Lord for your husband today?

I made the following list once when I was really upset with my husband. We had just had an argument over something trivial that turned into a "why are you so hard to communicate with?" kind of quarrel. To get my heart back in the right place, I started listing all the things I was grateful for. It helped put everything back into perspective for me and forget my anger.

One thing it helped me realize somehow was that I should not expect my husband to communicate the same way I do or even understand everything I say. I've gotten much better at communicating with him since then. :) And just doing this little exercise was key. That and prayer for understanding and love to grow between us, which I'm happy to say, it has.

Things about my husband for which I'm grateful...

That he believes in, studies and expounds on the word of God.

That he always comes right home to me and doesn't "hang out" with anyone else. I'm his #1.

That his love makes my insecurities digress.

That we get to spend so much time together when work is slow.

That he's such a caring and fun dad to our kids.

That he’s an entrepreneur and handles business matters extremely well.

That he's mathematically minded and can be counted on when it comes to important money matters.

That he doesn't mind if I sleep in when I've had a difficult night's sleep.

That he loves my cooking and brags about it to others.

That he will rally our sons and they will all do the dishes or cleaning for me when I’m ill and make it seem like fun.

That he gets along so well with others and is unselfish.

That he spends huge quantities of time with our sons. Playing with them, teaching them, hanging out with them. We are his priority.

That he makes up fun games like football tag and ghost runner baseball and plays them with our kids.

That we are making sweet memories for when we are old.

That when I think of growing old with the husband of my youth, I get goosebumps. It's going to be good.

That he is dependable, steady faithful and loyal.

That he is so funny and makes us all laugh with his crazy jokes.

For the new Tahoe he talks of buying me because he’s worried my Uplander isn't quite good enough for me.

That even after all these years I have so much fun with him and look forward to his calls and just being with him.

For all the great talks we have when we make long-distance drives anywhere.

That he can still make my spine turn to jelly when I gaze into his beautiful blue eyes.

That he still says I’m beautiful and funny and loves it when I smile. (Did you know your smile is your best accesory?)

That he handles the bills and phone calls that I dread.
That he takes care of his family so capably.

That he provides us with all that we need and many things that we want.

That he protects me and the kids from harm.

That he handles most of the “dirty work” when I’m too squeamish.

That he loves that I stay home and educate our children and take care of home matters.

That he does not swear, curse, get drunk, smoke, do drugs or look at wrong images. Ever.

That he likes to include me in his interests and hobbies and explains the same sports to me over and over without ever showing impatience. (*swoon*)

That he trusts my judgment on clothing styles and colors and lets me pick out outfits for him.

That I married the best man I have ever known.

I love admire and respect my beloved husband.

What are you grateful for in your husband?

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