Friday, July 1, 2011

This and That

We've had nicely busy days this week.  My husband's had a lot of work this week and we haven't gotten to see much of him unfortunately.  But in his line of work, it's either super busy or slow with several days off in a week. Because of this, I think our boys tend to get more time with their dad than most kids.  I took the kids swimming at the lake Wednesday which was so fun. They like to throw around a football while they swim.  They got nice and cooled off that hot day. 

Today we went ice skating with some homeschool friends. Our boys had a lot of fun and are always tired and worn out by the time we get home.  They were a little discouraged because they still don't know the other kids very well.  We're the new kids on the block around here. I've been encouraging them to just be friendly and patient. Friendships take time. I've been thinking about hosting an afternoon of games and snacks one of these days so the kids can have a chance to form some friendships. 

Our house is staying decently cool these days.  We are just using one of those rolling AC units that have an accordian type hose that hooks up to the window.  That combined with one of those power fans that sit on the floor (and are LOUD), the house is holding at around 75 degrees.  It's up in the 90's outside, so that's not bad.  We have to speak up to be heard over the roar of the fan most of the time, but that's okay.

Tonight is our first friday night without pizza for dinner.  I decided, much to our children's dismay, that it's just too hot to be baking pizzas every friday night (and no, I don't want to grill pizzas!) so we're going to change it up for the summer and have barbeques on friday nights instead.  And hopefully I can interest them in a family activity besides a movie.  I would like to wean our family off of friday movie night, but it will probably have to come gradually.  I am going to do my best to keep movie and pizza night for cold wintry fridays if my husband will let me. 

So tonight we're going to have grilled bleu cheese burgers and corn on the cob for dinner and then play Bible Outburst and Family Fun afterwards.  We're also going to grill 6 chicken thighs that have been marinating and I'm going to slice them up and freeze them in meal size portions for dinners this week.

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