Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Big Manly Lunches

I am married to a wonderful man who loves home cooking. He has graciously and enthusiastically eaten every creation I have ever come up with from the beginning of our marriage 18 years ago.  In fact, if it hadn't been for his encouragement and enthusiasm, I don't know if I would have had the courage to keep up with my culinary pursuits. But I did and I've improved greatly. Ah, the love of a good man!! Subsequently, I've made my husband 99% of the lunches he's taken to work from the beginning, too. But it is always challenging to think up something different and new. In other words, not boring! :)

More often than not, it's been the typical american lunch: sandwich, veggie, fruit, chips, cookies. Sometimes I make him different kinds of wraps. Every so often I would fill a hot thermos with stew or soup. But not as often as I'd like.

Tomorrow my husband begins a big hotel remodel and he'll be commuting an hour each way. So tonight I prepared him his lunch and breakfast so he'll be all set for his early rise at 4:30am. He leaves at 5:30am and waiting for him in the fridge for breakfast are my famous Berry Cream muffins and a ham and cheese quiche.

For his lunch, I made him Waldorf chicken salad on a bun, dill pickle, and some chocolate chip cookies. For extra snacking, I packed him some extra quiche, extra muffin and some of the chicken salad on a bed of greens. He'll be a long ways from home and I want him to have more than enough food to tide him over till dinner.

How about you? Do you send your husband off to work with homemade food and if so, what are your favorite ideas? I would like to pack him some stupendous lunches in the coming weeks to look forward to each day and I'm looking for yummy ideas! I'm going to try to put in some little notes, too.


Courtney said...

I've really been failing at this lately. I need to do better. But back when I was making lunches on a regulas basis, sometimes I would write a little note on a banana. I went through a phase once where on Sunday nights I would sit down with my bible and 5 notecards and write out 5 different verses to pack everyday of the week. Come to think of it, why did I ever fall out of the lunch packing habit? Now you've got me thinking.....

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thanks for sharing, Courtney! The banana "note" is such a creative idea! I like to send scriptures and love notes in my husband's lunches, too! This time I'm also printing some out on the computer for when I don't have time to hand write a note.

Jessica said...

We are blessed to live under 10 minutes from his work, so my husband is able to come home every day. It is so nice to have him home, so I can put my feet up and our 4 year old son can get in some rough play that he loves. I'm 34 weeks pregnant so I can't play as hard as he'd like me to. ;-)

Simply Keeping Home said...

Hi Jessica! That is quite a blessing to have your husband home for lunch each day! Mine occasionally has work that is close enough for coming home midday and it is always a treat for us.
Congrats on the new baby on the way!