Saturday, January 4, 2014

In The Mood...For Organizing!

The New Year always invigorates me to simplify, organize and cleanse my home of unneeded stuff. For me, I have learned to wait until I am in the mood for this because going through old belongings is riddled with emotion. And if I'm not in a no-nonsense mood, I will be far, far too sentimental when going through all of our stuff. 

For me, I have to put myself in the organizing mood - it doesn't happen on its own. In order to get in the organizing mood, I begin thinking about what I want to accomplish a month or two in advance.  I especially consider what season we are currently in and what kinds of things we can let go of.  

When we were still having children, I hung on to certain things like baby clothes, toys, furniture, etc. At one point, I even planned on saving our first son's crib for passing on to our grandchildren. But after lending it to my sister who needed it (and subsequently ruined it) I was resigned to let it go. 

Besides, most new parents want to pick out their own stuff anyway.  It was a relief to realize how silly it would be to hold on to a bulky old crib for decades for the very slim chance that it might be passed down as an heirloom. Better is the "baby box" full of worthy keepsakes I've saved for each of my children over the years. 

On January 2nd, I carefully packed up our Christmas decorations and I was displeased with how long it gook to put it all away. I got rid of what I didn't like, use or want anymore and was happy with keeping only what we really liked.  

Next, I went through everything in our basement with a fine tooth comb. Opened every box or plastic tub and took everything out. I started piles of keep, donate and trash and went to work. It took all day even with my boys help! I vowed to never let this much stuff accumulate again.  

I organized the basement last year around this time, but I wasn't nearly as ruthless. Instead, I found more boxes. :)  This time, I freed up a dozen or more boxes and created about 400 square feet of stuff that is going OUT at the soonest opportunity.  

It was a mental lift that is still going. I have been going through the stuff in bookcases and cupboards around the house, too and finding a lot of stuff that we've managed to collect up here, too.  And getting rid of all that stuff gives me the same revitalizing feeling as I would have if I'd have lost 25 pounds! ha.  I love seeing all the space that purging unneeded stuff has created. Space for living! It's wonderful.

At first, I was going to just haul it all away to the Good Will. But after seeing all that is in my "get rid of pile" I think we could make a few hundred bucks if we had a garage sale.  The down side is that if we're to have a successful sale, it must all be organized and advertised. Some things I want to sell on craigslist because it's too nice to be nickel and dimed over at a garage sale. 

We also brought our treadmill out to the family room and gave the room that was the office to our older son. So now the boys have their own rooms! They are having so much fun spreading out their stuff and making the rooms their own.  And I am loving having the treadmill out in the open where I can hop on it more often.  

I also started Plexus Slim a few days after Christmas and I have been feeling so great.  I have lost at least a couple of pounds but I am feeling super energized, too, which has been a boon for all my organizing. 

My vision for 2014 is to live simply, pare down and enjoy more of life with less weighing me down. Literally and figuratively!  :)

Happy New Year!!


Jessica said...

I love decluttering. I helped my mom declutter her closet today. We got rid of almost 80 items! Clothes, shoes, scarves, belts. It is such a refreshing feeling, isn't it?

Simply Keeping Home said...

Wow Jessica, that is so nice of you to help your mom! Eighty items is a LOT! Good for you!