Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dinner Tonight

Tonight's dinner will be ready around 5:30-6pm. Which is perfect since I just found out my husband will be home from work right around that time. 

There are some yummy aromas coming from the "Crockpot Cashew Chicken" I am making for dinner tonight. Googling the recipe will bring up several choices but they all seem to be the same. I used chicken thighs instead of breasts because that is what I had thawed.  :-)

The recipe calls for stirring in the cashews right at the end, but I just stirred them in early because I would like their flavor to incorporate into the dish. I'm going to serve it over rice with minced scallions and parmesan roasted green beans.

This is supposed to be similar to a dish on an Aisan menu so I can't wait to try it!

I'd love to hear what you're fixing for dinner tonight, if you care to share!

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