Friday, June 24, 2011

Answered prayers

Well our house that's been for sale since we moved just went under contract today and we're just praising God.  It's been a long year paying the mortgage of the old house and the rent of our current home. Plus all the expenses that went with the old house - electricity, heating oil and lawn maintenance.  It's been emotionally and financially straining. 

If all goes well, it will close one year to the day since we put it up for sale.  We've been unsuccessful in trading in our inept real estate agent for a competent one.  Two days ago he finally agreed that if the current offer on the house fell through, he'd relent to letting us use another agent.  But the offer just went through so he'll be seeing us through the rest of the closing process.  At least he and my husband did clear the air somewhat to make moving forward a little more tolerable.

It just occured to me how so many things fell into place this week that I can see the hand of God in.
Some little, some big.  But lots of good things happened this week.
  • The house back east finally went under contract! Yay!
  • My husband felt relieved for "taking care of Joe" (our agent).
  • My husband finally and completely caught up his book keeping (6 months overdue and he doesn't let me do it).
  • I finally cleaned out our entire bedroom closet and organized everything.   
  • After being warned by the nursery (after the fact) that we had to be careful  what kind of soil & compost we use, we found out that what we'd just laboriously tilled into our planter boxes IS safe for growing vegetables (it's been pasteurized and contains no deadly bacterias from manuer like salmonella or e.coli.) Again, praise the Lord!

As I pondered how "funny" it was that the Lord allowed us to remain with this inept real estate agent (who was really causing my husband a lot of stress), I noticed his name for the first time - Joe - which means "the Lord will increase".  His last name has the word Law in it.  I just thought there is probably some kind of spiritual meaning to it all that we're not aware of.  Our finances have "decreased" since we moved here and I wonder if the name is a small sign that the Lord is using to remind us that it is HE who increases. 

I don't know what signifigance, if any, there may be in the closing happening a year to the day that we put the house up for sale.  But I love to think of how someday, I will see in whole what I now only see in part.  I'm just grateful that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Once the house is sold, we can concentrate more fully on our new life here and pray the Lord will dig us out of the pit of debt we're in.  The finances are my husband's department and he's learned a lot in the last year about finances.  So many times I wished I could take over the riegns in that department because I could see how to do things a better way. 

That's the temptation for us isn't it?  How often do we see a "better way" but our husbands typically still do things their own way.    The Lord wants to teach my husband in a way that only He can do, and wants me to stand back and just wait when my suggestions are discarded. (And not be offended!)  But I'm learning that waiting and standing back and not being offended is when the Lord can do mighty things - when we get out of his way.

I'm excited to see what the Lord's going to do with us here on the continental divide and how things will go.  Of course I'm beyond words  excited to be rid of the old house and the stress it has caused.  I would do flips all over the house if I could. :)

Just praising the Lord today.

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