Monday, June 27, 2011

Timely Tips Tuesday - Hair

Make your own leave-in conditioner for your hair.  This is an easy recipe that will add vital moisture and shine to your hair.

Just pour one ounce Jojoba oil and three ounces of water into a clean squirt bottle. Shake well before using.  I recommend applying this mixture to the bulk of the hair.  You can massage it into the roots, but be warned it can make your hair look a bit greasy. It works best on wet hair.  Letting your hair air dry helps retain more natural moisture as well. 

For me, showering in the evening just before bed not only invites romance with my husband, but sleeping on slightly damp hair produces nice curls in the morning. (My hair is naturally a little curly.)

A tip for curly hair - at night, while my hair is slightly damp, I smooth it down with just a touch of mousse and flip my head upside down and braid my hair from there.  (When I stand upright, the braid begins at the center top of my head.)  Then I sleep with it that way. It keeps it neatly out of my way while I sleep but when I unbraid it in the morning, there is automatic some nice bounce and body at the roots.

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