Saturday, June 11, 2011

Long Hair

Did you know God cares about our hair?  Particularly the length. I've never met a man who was not mesmerized by a woman's long hair.  Not shoulder length, but looonnngg.  God obviously placed within a man, a preference for  long hair on a woman.  Because women are made for men (and not the other way around) it is to our advantage to grow a gorgeous, flowing mane of hair to delight our own husbands. 

I've seen some cute hair-do's (some of my paticular favorites were from the 1950's) that are both darling and practical. I just think that the most beautiful of hair styles (and the most desirable to men) is that of long hair.  And since my husband prefers it and God encourages it, I'm content with that.  I think long hair is anything that comes well past the shoulders.  At or above the shoulders just doesn't qualify in my book.

So many women make excuses why they don't (or can't) have long hair,  They will say their hair is too thin, too thick, too frizzy, it won't grow, their children would pull on it, they don't have time to maintain it, it takes too long to style, etc. I've found that with a small amount of effort and a little extra time, long hair is quite managable and very practical.

All my life I've had varying lengths of long hair and usually get compliments followed by wistful excuses like the ones just mentioned above.  I honestly think most women are born with a desire to have beautiful long hair.  Little girls love to comb a dolls long locks and do their friends or their mother's hair in a fancy up-do.  But at some point the world persuades them away from it.  They grow up and eventually give in to the chopped up hair we see everywhere today. 

But I have seen many a lady's man turn his head when a woman with long hair comes into view.  It's like a knee jerk reaction.  I feel sorry for the ladies who have bought into the lie that spikey and jagged is good and long and flowing is bad.

Growing your hair out and taking good care of it is really not that hard.  There are beautiful hair styles you can create with long hair as well as lovely hair accessories you can play around with.  But most of all, your husband (or husband to be) will really like it. 

I have a thick head of fine, mildly wavy dark hair.  It's always been between 8 and 12 inches past my shoulders. But about a year ago I decided I'd let it grow longer than it's ever been - past my waist. I worried that it would become so heavy, I would have a headache all the time but to my utter surprise, my hair has "automatically" thinned out a little to adjust to the length which is pretty cool.  If I'd known that God gave hair this amazing ability, I would have tried growing it super-duper long years ago.  Of course, this could be a unique experience.  I've never heard of anyone else's hair accomodating length by auto-thinning.   Of course, if it didn't there's always thinning shears! 

Right now it's just beginning to touch my waist.  It saves me a lot in hair salons, too, because when I see the need for a trim (the tiniest sign of split ends) I ask my husband and he gladly trims about 1/8 of an inch off the bottom in a straight line accross. 

So anyway, back to the Bible. God has given us some pretty clear guidelines about hair.  Let's take a look:

1) For men, it should NOT be long.
1 Cor 11:14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

2) For women, it SHOULD be long (and sends a message to the angels).
1Cor 11:15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.
1 Cor 11:10 For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.

3) But either way, a person's salvation is not dependent upon their hair length.
1Co 11:16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.

Clearly, if God is concerned enough with our coifed do's to tell us what to do and has even counted every hair on our heads we should each seek the Lord's will in the matter.

Prior to marriage, many young women often have soft, flowing, long hair that attracts their future husband to them. Then shortly after they begin having children, have you noticed how many women tend to cut their hair short?  Can you imagine the inner dissappoint that so many men must feel when those lovely locks are traded in for jagged, shaggy or spikey points? 

"Not my husband, he likes my hair short," some women will say.  Well...if you've ever read "For Women Only", the painful truth is that most men will avoid saying anything negative about their wives' appearance for fear he will hurt her feelings and she will react badly. This would include the subject of hair. So don't expect your man to nag you about it or even let on that he wishes secretly that you had long hair.  Just make it a habit to pay close attention  to the little comments he makes.  Maybe he's let his preferences slip out now and then and you just never noticed?

Every day is a new chance to honor God and bless our husbands.  There are four key areas we can bless (or shame) our husbands every day:

1) through our behavior (Proverbs 31),
2) through our conversation (1 Pet 3:1)
3) through our clothing (Tit 2:9)
4) through our hair (1 Cor 11:15). 

If you really desire to please the Lord in "little" matters (that mean so much) then listen to this "aged" woman who is encouraging you to seek the Lord about it.  The Lord is interested in every aspect of our hearts and we cannot hide our intentions from him.  When our utmost desire is to please the Lord in all things, he clears a path for us to succeed.

If you have short hair and decide to grow it longer, I highly suggest not mentioning it to anyone, including your husband. Most importantly, don't complain about it.  Just keep it neat and soft and pretty.  Also, be prepared for the adjustment that longer hair takes and plan a little extra time to comb it out and keep it conditioned.  Rub a tiny dab of olive oil in the palm of your hands till warm and apply it to the lower half of your hair for a healthy shine.  As it gets longer, braiding it before bed helps keep it from getting in your way while you sleep and provides you with soft pretty waves in the morning as well.

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