Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Timely Tips Tuesday

This weeks subject is : Dinner parties.

Hot or Cold?

If you are having more than 10-12 guests, don't try to cook fresh or reheat everything to piping hot. Better to have almost all the food prepared ahead of time. 
  • If you're doing a buffet, offer hot and cold dishes in equal proportions.
  • Or have just one or two (one vegetarian) freshly cooked dishes with cold accompaniments.
  • For a fun twist, go for a cold fork buffet
  • You can serve a hot dessert following a cold buffet, although, on a hot day, people will probably be glad to have something cold.

How much each?

Ever wonder how much food to prepare per person for a dinner gathering? Well this rough guide to dinner party portions for a typical adult is gives you an idea to plan around.
  • Main course fish or meat, bone-in cuts or steaks -- about 7 oz.
  • Fish or meat as an appetizer, or cut into boneless goujons, or served as pate --about 3-4 oz.
  • Rice or pasta --one cup.
  • Bread --2 large slices or 2 small rolls
  • Salad -- 5 oz
  • Vegetables -- 5 oz.
  • Dips, dressings, and sauces -- 2-3 teaspoons each
  • Fruit or dessert --1/2 cup, 1 medium whole fruit (small apple, medium peach or large kiwi) or mini muffin-sized portions of individual desserts.  (Dessert shots are great for this!)
  • Drinks (before and during dinner) --2-3 glasses of the beverage you're serving (iced tea, punch, soda, lemonade, etc)f
Of course the number one rule for guests is to enjoy yourself.  If you forget to enjoy yourself, guests can sense it and they will have a hard time enjoying their time in your home.  So prepare as much as possible ahead of time (read Easy Entertaining for some great tips) and then relax and enjoy your guests.

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